Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday – A Sole Remedy For Victoria Beckham!

Victoria Beckham once declared she “can’t concentrate” in flats. The style icon claimed she didn’t even own a pair of flats because they made her rail thin legs look like golf clubs. Oh, my - the hardships of being Victoria!

The stiletto-loving mother of four was recently brought down to earth after a slipped disc forced her to dump the high heels in favor of more practical (gasp) low heels. Doctors advised her to dare not teeter in stilettos during New York’s fashion week.

Despite the doctor’s order, the stylish mom was recently photographed rocking sky-high boots with new baby Harper in her arms. Old habits are hard to break! Just ask the stylish set hitting the shows in New York this week. After all, a towering pair of heels is a built-in spotlight – sure to outshine the more grounded (and yes, comfy) women who dare to wear flats.

“Wearing high heels can lead to a host of problems, from inflamed nerves to long-term joint problems to calf, ankle, and lower back pain. It can offset your balance,” declare the wellness experts at SpaFinder.

If you insist on stepping out in heels (Victoria, are you listening) – SpaFinder reveals there are a number of remedies to soothe your aching feet. “From a comprehensive foot fitness training program that assesses your walk and helps ‘get your shoes out of your feet’ to an ancient Chinese foot massage to specialized pedicures, spas are offering a variety of treatments to help prevent and relieve the pain caused by wearing today’s super high heels.” For more information, check out

If you prefer to treat your feet in the privacy of your own home, Jill Cassidy of Joseph’s Pilates shares with Healthy Hollywood DIY exercises to strengthen your body for high heels.

Toe Tapping – Take your shoes off and while keeping your heel on the ground, lift the ball of your foot up off the ground as high as you can, lower and repeat.

Toe Corrector – Put a thick rubber band (like the one that goes around broccoli) around the big toe joint on each foot. The feet are placed on the floor (should be done sitting) and the two toes “pull” away from each other. This helps avoid bunions.

Knee Strengthener – Place your back flat against the wall and slide downward so that you are sitting with your back flat on the wall and your knees are at a 90 degree angle (or as close as can get them). This one is good for legs as well!

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