Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday – An Olympic Athlete’s Recovery Secret!

Olympians are certainly the most gifted athletes on planet Earth. But, after years of intense training, even the heartiest athlete’s body can breakdown. And, just like us amateurs, their bodies need time to repair and recover.

Olympic sprinter Justin Gatlin and Olympic softball medalist Jessica Mendoza have discovered a unique way to relieve pain and let their bodies heal with a revolutionary line of compression wear that’s made with copper.

Tommie Copper is the first line to ever use copper-infused yarn to help reduce inflammation and promote muscle recovery.

“I use Tommie Copper because it’s comfortable compression that I can wear to bed or when I am travelling to recover. It helps reduce injury rate because I am able to recover quicker, while reducing the pain from intense workouts,” reveals Justin, who took home a bronze medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London and was once considered the fastest man in the world.

Why copper? Healthy Hollywood thought it was little suspect, but reportedly copper is a great healer. I actually do remember my Grandfather wearing a copper bracelet to help with his arthritis. So, it’s kind of the same idea. By wearing items, such as undershirt, undershorts or a knee brace, that has copper in the material it helps stimulate blood flow and the immune system.

Thankfully, Healthy Hollywood is injury-free. But, if I do need some future pain relief, this compression wear is not only functional but also fashionable. That I like!

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-- Terri MacLeod

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