Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday – Blake Lively’s Healthy Beachy Hair!

Blake Lively is one of the most gorgeous gals on the planet. She hit the beauty jackpot with her long legs and California-girl good looks. Some critics would argue her most enviably asset is her hair.

Blake’s beachy bedhead waves are coveted by women and hairstylists worldwide. In some circles, it’s simply known as “The Blake.”

Last night, the stunner hit the red carpet in New York City to support her husband, Ryan Reynolds’ new animated flick, “Turbo.” The actress looked effortlessly beautiful – and her hair was in its iconic laidback style. Blake once confessed to Access Hollywood her secret is simple — she puts her slightly damp hair into a bun and then when she takes it down it has a nice natural wave.

“If you spend too much time on your hair, it looks like you’ve spent too much time on your hair. It should be effortless,” revealed Blake to Access Hollywood.

If you can’t copy “The Blake,” at least you can try and get your hair to be as healthy. One of Healthy Hollywood’s favorite wellness experts, Dr. Frank Lipman, shares his simple tips to naturally restore hair’s shine.

Dr. Lipman, who founded the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in New York City, believes the road to healthy hair isn’t found in a plastic bottle, but rather from the food on your plate and your everyday habits.

Here are 3 of Dr. Lipman’s tips:

  1. Minerals – Zinc and iron are essential for strong and healthy hair so load up on dark leafy greens and seaweed.
  2. Less Is More – Wash your hair less often, a couple times a week is enough. Also, get a chlorine filter for your shower head to help maintain your hair’s natural shine.
  3. Apple Cider Vinegar – This is great for your hair and scalp as it fights off dandruff and rinses out product build up. Hair is left stronger, softer and full of shine.

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