Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday – Celebrity Tattoo Regret n’ Removal!

Who says a tattoo is forever? Certainly not in Hollywood – where stars get inked for love and then find their romance not-so-permanent.

Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, and Charlie Sheen all tattooed ‘their love forever’ and all had to have their tattoo token of love removed.

Recently Eva Longoria had gossipmongers buzzing ‘did she or didn’t she’ when her wrist tattoo of her wedding date to soon-to-be ex Tony Parker seemed to be gone. The actress tweeted ‘nothing is being removed’ – but it got me thinking: how do celebs remove these marks of love? I always heard tattoo removal was excruciatingly painful – and I can’t imagine some of our pampered friends enduring such discomfort.

“Laser removal is the BEST way to remove a permanent tattoo,” reveals NYC’s cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert Guida. “Technology has advanced so much that nearly any color of a multiple colored tattoo can be removed with very little risk of scarring or residual blemish.” Yet, getting zapped can be painful and costly. Typically it costs $500 for each 15-minute session and most tattoo removal needs several treatments to completely erase.

“Each ‘zap’ of the laser feels like a rubber band hitting the skin, and it could take many ‘zaps’ to treat a tattoo, depending on the size,” says Dr. Guida.

No money to zap? There’s always clothes or heavy-duty makeup. Yet, Dr. Guida puts it best: “Tattoos are permanent. Boyfriends are not. Think ahead…if you REALLY want a tattoo of the boyfriend, put it an area that is covered by clothing so that it will be hidden, if and when, the relationship ends. Also start saving money for laser tattoo removal.” Tat’s all folks!

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