Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday – Colbie Caillat’s Body-Confidence Secrets!

The California cutie is the picture of health on the May issue of “Fitness” magazine. The Grammy Award-winning singer is enviably fit & has a fabulous smile that’s sure to catch lots of eyes on the beach.

For women who feel self-conscious in a swimsuit, the cover model shares this advice, “Just think about the things you do like about your body, and focus on them. Don’t let yourself go to that negative place. Nothing good comes from it.”

Easy for her to say – after all, she’s 25 and totally toned!

Yet, Colbie is quick to point out, she wasn’t always fit nor was she always confident! “A couple of years ago I was about a 32-inch waist. Now I’m more like a 28-inch.” In “Fitness” the singer also reveals, “I used to try any diet; I would do it for a week, lose a little weight and then stop and go back to fast food and lots of sugar.”

Colbie’s yo-yo dieting stopped a while back, after she became a vegetarian and discovered exercise was a major mood and self-esteem booster for her. “I make sure that even if I can’t get a full workout in, I go for at least a 20-minute jog every day. I need it for my mind and body. I can’t function without it.” She also adds, “I’m just catching on and seeing how important fitness is and how much better working out makes me feel.”

Besides looking sensational, Colbie also says it’s improved her singing performance. “I’ve found that running really helps. When I sing the Fleetwood Mac song “Go Your Own Way” during concerts, I’m literally running around the stage, and now my breathing patterns are stronger. Besides that, when I’m in shape I have more stamina, which makes me perform better. It’s a chain reaction.”

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