Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday – Even Stars Get Sick!

Oh, dear! Lindsay Lohan is sick. The troubled star is so sick she didn’t think she could make it to her appearance in LA today.

She even reportedly got a doctor’s note saying she had a serious upper respiratory infection. Her lawyer, Mike Heller, allegedly included an article about the flu outbreak in his explanation to the judge.

Thankfully, Ms. Lohan seems to have made a miraculous recovery, as she did make it to court and her lawyer did bring up Lindsay had the flu.

Perhaps, she needed a little retail therapy to cure her ailments.

She was spotted shopping in New York City the same day it was reported she was ill. Then again, it is Lindsay, so who really knows?

Whether Lindsay was or wasn’t sick, Hollywood has been hit with this year’s flu epidemic. “Les Mis” star Hugh Jackman got it; as did Burt Reynolds, who was hospitalized with the flu in Florida. Also, getting hit with a major respiratory infection was “Silver Linings Playbook” sweetie Jennifer Lawrence, who has been bed-ridden with pneumonia during award season.

Yes, even the stars aren’t immune to the illness epidemic of 2013. The flu season is the worst in decades and has struck 50 states.

“Green tea and vitamin C are anti-oxidants and are good to boost the immune system in fighting infection. Zinc lozenges help decrease the duration of colds and flus. You can find all these at your local Vitamin Shoppe,” advises New York City internist Dr. Peter Bruno.

Wellness guru Dr. Frank Lipman also has suggestions on protecting yourself this flu season. Lipman, who founded the Eleven-Eleven Wellness Center in New York City, and works with numerous folks, famous and not, shares with Healthy Hollywood a few of his tips. Dr. Lipman is one of Healthy Hollywood’s favorite wellness guys out there –so read on!

1. Stock up on Vitamin D to help you immune function optimally.

2. Take a probiotic daily. A strong immune system relies on a healthy gut. Find one with at least 10 -20 billion organisms.

3. Add garlic to your meals because it has anti-viral properties and is a known immunity booster.

4. Break a sweat! Adequate exercise helps keep your immune system healthy and robust.

5. Feed your immunity by avoiding sugar, gluten and processed foods, which decrease immunity function. Stock up on nutrient-rich foods such as salads with dark greens and smoothies with healthy fats.

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