Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday - Fab Abs Like Jennifer Lopez!

Ok, so maybe J. Lo’s abs of steel are out-of-reach for us mere mortals. That gal works out hard to get her sculpted middle– and of course genetics play a role.

But, how would you like to get rid of your ab flab by the holidays? Healthy Hollywood is putting a more sculpted – flatter middle down on its wellness wish list!

If you’re like most 40-plus women, tummy trouble is a frustrating reality; despite how many crunches we do at the gym. Sigh! So, are females just destined to have a bit of belly fat hanging over their waistlines? “Many women find the abdominal area to be the hardest place to lose excess fat. Generally, that extra fat around your waist is due largely to age and changing hormones due from menopause,” reveals health expert Dr. Heather Hausenblas. “Additionally, the stresses of life – kids, college tuitions or the mortgage – can lead to an increase in cortisol, the “stress hormone,” which also triggers your body to store fat around the middle.” Double sigh!

Physical activity and good nutrition are key, but, some of us need a little extra something to lose stubborn belly fat –a miracle potion, perhaps? Healthy Hollywood was recently introduced to the all-natural belly fat blaster, SafSlim, which contains high-linoleic safflower oil. Research indicates it reduces belly fat six times more than other omega-rich oils. “SafSlim, in part works in improving belly fat levels, by naturally increasing good belly fat hormones in our body such as adiponectin,” reveals Dr. Hausenblas, who is a scientific advisor to SafSlim.

It is recommended to take a tablespoon of SafSlim twice a day – and it will take up to 16 weeks to see a significant difference. “This is not a quick fix. It took time for you to put on the belly fat and it will take time for you to reduce your belly fat. Natural products take time to work,” adds Dr. Hausenblas.

Healthy Hollywood is willing to give SafSlim a go, but it is also important to eat a sound diet. Never think for a moment – taking or a pill or drinking a potion can be your one and only belly fat solution.

Here’s Dr. Hausenblas’ Belly-Fat Blasting Diet Tips:

Beyond counting calories and exercising, you can try the following strategies, which will help you lose weight overall and belly fat specifically:

1. Eat foods containing a lot of water and fiber. Salads, vegetables, fresh or dried fruits, and whole-grain breads or pastas expand in your stomach and make you feel full faster with fewer calories.

2. Fight fat with fat. It sounds counterintuitive, especially after the 1990s fat-free craze, but a growing body of research suggests that a diet rich in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats keeps belly fat at bay. Add foods such as olives, nuts, and avocados.

3. Healthy Carbohydrates. To lose excess stomach fat, choose natural non-processed carbohydrates over processed carbohydrates. Easily digested carbohydrates interfere with weight loss, lead to weight gain and even promote heart disease and diabetes.

4. Lean Protein. Due to the high saturated fat content, fatty cuts of red meat, pork, duck and goose should be avoided. A diet leading to a flat belly consists of skinless poultry and fish.

5. Eat Fiber. Fiber not only decreases bloating and pain, it improves the way the digestive system functions and makes you feel full for longer. High fiber foods, which may help bloating, include dried beans and legumes, oats, barley, whole grain cereals, whole wheat bread, fruits and vegetables.

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