Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday – Get Your Juices Flowing!

Healthy Hollywood and Access Hollywood correspondent Michelle Beadle have made a pact to get healthier!

We both hope to shed a few post-holiday pounds. Plus, we want to feel lighter and more energetic.

So, we’ve decided to jumpstart our feel-better resolutions with a three-day juice cleanse. The benefits are supposed to be amazing – weight loss, better digestion, clearer skin, increased energy to name a few.

Yup! This time Healthy Hollywood has a juicing buddy and is going to stick to a detox diet of fruit and veggie juices. Healthy Hollywood has tried to cleanse before, but always ends up eating by the end of the day. Not this time, Michelle and I are now on day 2 of the newly launched Creative Juice cleanse and feeling good.

Creative Juice is a line of organic cold-pressed juices, along with a cleanse program, created by fitness giant Equinox, culinary guru Michael Romano and wellness doctor, Dr. Jeffrey Morrison.

“Creative Juice is a new concept in juicing. It blends flavor and function. Chef Romano created the flavor profile, while I helped determine the functional purpose for digestion, immunity or detoxification,” adds Dr. Morrison.

The Creative Juice team invited Michelle and I to try their cleanse. They offer 3 different programs; one to help digestion, another to detox and a third one to boost immunity. Each cleanse comes with 5 different juices and a protein complement (such as a soup or smoothie) to have at the end of the day. Dr. Morrison believes it’s important to have a protein portion on a cleanse, otherwise existing only on juice can make spike blood sugar level and make many people feel foggy.

So, how did the first day go? I had my first green juice for breakfast and the next one a few hours later and of course my body started craving food by noon and felt a bit dizzy. But I think it’s less about hunger and more about self-sabotage.

Healthy Hollywood breathed through the stomach growls and the only cheat of the day was a cup of coffee (a big no-no) and a spoonful or two of chili. Today is another chance to get it right! So far I’m not feeling hungry at all. Healthy Hollywood has its eye of the prize of a reset palate, an energy surge and of course a jumpstart on my plan to lose 5 pounds and kick the caffeine habit!

It’s time to drink up!

For more information on the Creative Juice line, check out

-- Terri MacLeod

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