Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday — Head Off Holiday Stress!

Heads up! The holidays are fun and festive but also frenzied. Between frantic gift shopping runs to the mall and jam-packed party schedules, the most Zen of us can end up feeling frazzled! Just thinking of all the things I have left to do before Christmas gets my heart racing.

Slow down – breathe – and indulge in some relaxing me-time. A perfect antidote to the holiday madness is a stress reducing head massage. “The head has many sensory points aligned with major organs in your body. Especially since it’s closet to the brain and the eyes. A head massage will give you an allover release and will affect the majority of your body,” reveals hairstylist and shiatsu expert, Fabio Scalia. At his signature salon in New York City, Fabio offers haircuts, along with toxin-releasing head massages. “Dancing with the Stars” hotties Maks and Val Chmerkovskiy head to Fabio’s whenever they’re in town to de-stress before a performance.

“This therapeutic, soothing treatment removes the pressure from your follicles and releases stress by massaging pressure points in the scalp and only takes 2 minutes,” adds Fabio. According to the wellness website Livestrong, a head massage also helps to increase blood flow to your scalp and better blood flow means the good nutrients go where they’re supposed and the bad toxins get released.

Plus, you don’t need to jet to New York to get a head massage – look for treatments at your local salon, or even better do a head and scalp self-massage. “Close your eyes, rotate the skin around the cranium. A trick is to see if your skin doesn’t move much when you rotate then you have a lot of tension in the scalp and need to release it,” suggests Fabio.

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