Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday – Jennifer Lopez’s Cougar Town!

There’s a new cougar on the block - Jennifer Lopez! The mega-star is hooking up with her oh-so sexy back-up dancer, Casper Smart – 18 years her junior. “Yes, they are dating and having a good time,” a source told People magazine.

Healthy Hollywood says, “You go, girl!” Jennifer is a powerful, independent woman – who at 42 - showed the world at the recent “American Music Awards” she can rock a nude bodysuit better than most women - at any age. So, why not have some strapping young guy by her side?

There’s no shock and awe to these May-December romances, thanks to other high-profile females, like Madonna, Halle Berry, Demi Moore, and Mariah Carey. It’s about time mature (aka sexy) women had the choice (without judgment) to date whomever they like! After all, Hollywood men have been flaunting their younger catches for aeons. Just think Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, or George Clooney who always seems to have some young-thing of the moment by his side.

Thanks to a healthy diet and a solid fitness regimen, 40-plus women are taking better care of themselves and can certainly rival the looks of a female half her age. “For a 40-something year old it’s about the way you train, eat, and confuse the body so it doesn’t hold onto that southern comfort sag,” states workout expert Marc Montemerlo, the group fitness instructor at Equinox in West Hollywood. Yes, 40-plus women need to work harder to defy gravity and keep their bodies tight - but it can be done! Madonna and Jennifer Lopez’s younger suitors certainly don’t complain about their leading ladies’ bodies.

Flabby arms, drooping breasts, and a saggy bum can be a 40-plus woman’s trouble spots. “These are all challenging areas to train, but it can be done, not in isolation though, rather by doing total body workouts followed by low intensity cardio sessions,” reveals Marc.

So, whether you’re an older woman romancing a younger man (or just fantasizing about it), thanks to a few of Hollywood’s A-listers, dipping into the younger man dating pool is not only acceptable, but applauded.

As a 40-plus woman, I love nothing more than a flirty exchange with a 20-something guy! It’s flattering to know you’ve still got it.

Plus, there’s no question a younger guy’s body is a sight to behold – tight and toned! Case in point – my 23-year-old personal trainer, who is my cougar crush, and I unabashedly flirt at the gym and in text messages. Our textual chemistry is hot! I am not crossing that line – but it’s ego-affirming to know I can – if I want!

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