Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday – Jessica Biel’s Radiant Complexion!

Jessica Biel is one of those lucky gals who always seem to have perfect skin. Envious!

A flawless complexion is Healthy Hollywood’s most-coveted beauty asset. In the quest for gorgeous skin, I’ve tried scrubs, facials, cleansers – anything that promises to give me the healthy glow of Jessica.

Get ready for the latest age-defying buzzword in skincare – antioxidants.

“Antioxidants are important in skincare because they defend us against age-accelerating free radicals – created from exposure to sunlight, pollution, emotional and physical stress, poor diet, and even exercise. In doing so, they slow down the aging process,” states dermatologist Dr. Debbie Palmer, who created the natural skincare line, Replere.

Her line is packed with Coffee arabica extract and a mix of other potent antioxidants, such as green tea, goji and acai berries, and pomegranate.

Eating the right foods and taking supplements does defend against age-enhancing free radicals. But, to help protect against wrinkles and sagging skin, Dr. Palmer suggests applying antioxidants topically. “Only a small portion of our food sources find their way to the skin. But the skin needs antioxidants to stabilize the free radicals that contribute to the aging process. Long-term application of a topical antioxidant will help keep your skin looking years younger.”

Dr. Palmer suggests looking for these top 8 antioxidant ingredients in skincare products. They’re berry of the coffee plant, grapeseed, pycnogenol, vitamin c, vitamin e, pomegranate, blueberries and tea (green or black). “You should apply an antioxidant – under a moisturizer – before bed every night to repair damge from the day. (Don’t forget to apply topical antioxidants to your neck, chest, shoulders, and the backs of your hands – all of which are exposed to the sun on a daily basis).”

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-- Terri MacLeod

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