Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday – Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Well-Balanced Life!

Unlike many Hollywood stars, Julia Louis-Dreyfus has managed to have it all!

She’s got a huge career, a loving 25-year marriage and two well-adjusted kids. “I adore my children,” she reveals in the April issue of More magazine, adding, “and their growing up is bittersweet-mainly sweet; that’s what people do, they grow up. As a parent, you’re always worried about your children, but I’m looking forward to having a kind of freedom to go places and have adventures that I might not have been able to have when I was younger.”

And, just like other moms of teenage kids, she and her husband, producer Brad Hall are facing the empty nest syndrome. “It’s a big adjustment, having a whole body out of the house,” she reveals to “More.” Yet, having one son away at college and the other one in high school, the LA-based Julia tells “More” she’s able to film her HBO show “Veep” in Baltimore. “Had ‘Veep’ come along five years earlier, I would never have done it. But because Charlie is 15, I think to leave for a couple of weeks at a time is OK, first and foremost because I’ve got a great partner, Brad, who is just an amazing Dad.”

The 52-year-old actress says her family and marriage are her greatest achievements. And, the secret to her marriage’s longevity is “good luck,” adding, “We were just right for each other, and it so happened that we found each other. Fundamentally we share a similar set of values. That doesn’t sound very sexy, but at the end of the day, it’s nice to know that’s in place.”

It’s been twenty years since “Seinfeld” fans fell in love with her as the quirky Elaine. Yet, Louis-Dreyfus doesn’t mind getting older – even in a youth-obsessed town like Hollywood. “It’s a little strange seeing yourself age. You can’t believe it’s happening to you. Having said that, I really like having a little life experience under my belt; I feel I have a firmer sense of knowing what I am doing. And I don’t feel apologetic about it… That’s a good feeling to have.”

For more of Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ interview, pick up the April issue of More magazine.

-- Terri MacLeod

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