Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday – Kate Hudson’s Plan For Looking Fab!

Healthy Hollywood has a major girl crush on Kate Hudson! She’s one actress that absolutely lights up a room without a hint of divadom. She’s got a winning smile, a down-to-earth attitude and a body that simply rocks!

Healthy Hollywood chatted with bubbly blonde the other day in Manhattan, where she was promoting her new role as Global Ambassador for Almay cosmetics. She’s been the face of the cosmetic brand since 2010. “I have always been a makeup girl. From a really young age I was always experimenting with makeup. I love it,” reveals Kate to Healthy Hollywood.

In person, Kate looks sensational – her makeup is very subtle and her overall look is super natural. “Almay is about practical makeup. Now, they’re reintroducing brighter colors, and but still keeping that natural look.”

Let’s talk about that body! The mother of two has been flashing her six-pack abs as a hot teacher during this season’s Glee. Kate, 33, admits working hard to get those abs. “You know it’s like anything, you got to work out. I mean you got to figure out ways to do it,” adds Kate to Healthy Hollywood.

Pilates and Tracy Anderson’s toning program are part of her exercise regimen. But, she also works out with her 8-year-old son, Ryder. “What I started doing was taking kickboxing with Ryder, which has been really fun. We do stuff with bags and so we’ll see how long each of us can go. Ryder has been so much fun. I take him on my back. I’ll do sprints with him on my back. I’ll do squats with him on my back.” Hey, the family that plays together stays fit together!

She also tries to eat healthy, but does allow for the occasional indulgence. “We’re starting to educate ourselves, but at the end of the day, I want to eat a big bowl of pasta. I want pizza. I think there’s a way to balance it and just keep mindful.”

Aw, if only every celeb could be as nice ‘n normal as Kate!

-- Terri MacLeod

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