Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday — Molly Sims’ Healthy Lifestyle Tips!

Molly Sims’ live-well motto is simple: “When you look good, you feel good.”

The 37-year-old supermodel/actress works hard to keep fit ‘n fabulous.

“I think I’ve done every crazy diet there was in the beginning, but it’s weird: I’m thinner now than I was when I was modeling. I don’t obsess about it,” Molly reveals in September’s Health magazine.

The trick? She works out for an hour to an hour and a half, five to six days a week, which lets Molly pretty much eat what she wants.

In addition to her intense training sessions, Molly has also learned insider tips from the fashion/beauty biz. “If you want to get into a dress, watch your salt intake for three days. Don’t down soy sauce and sushi.” Molly goes on to say, “I watch my wheat intake. I drink hot lemon water when I wake up. It cleanses your palate.”

As for the secret to her gorgeous skin, Molly credits dry-skin brushing, which is an exfoliation treatment. “Skin brushing can be performed once a day, preferably first thing in the morning,” reveals Colleen Sullivan, Beauty & Fashion Editor for Health Magazine. Besides preventing and treating dry skin, body brushing can also, “improve circulation, reduce bloating, detoxify your lymphatic system, help with digestion, and strengthen your immune system,” adds Colleen.

Anybody can add dry brushing to his or her wellness routine.

First, purchase a soft natural fiber brush with a long handle so that you are able to reach all areas of your body. (These brushes are inexpensive and can be found at health food stores).

“Dry brush on a dry and naked body before you shower or bathe,” suggests Colleen, “Begin with your feet and brush vigorously in circular motions. Continue brushing up your legs. Proceed to your hands and arms. Brush your entire back and abdomen area, shoulder and neck. Use circular counter-clockwise strokes on the abdomen. Lightly brush the breasts. Brush upwards on the back and down from the neck.”

After a shower, Colleen recommends applying a moisturizer or oil (such as olive, avocado, or coconut). A thorough body brush should take about 15 minutes. “It’s amazing,” adds Molly.

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