Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday – New Mom Victoria Beckham Needs Energy-Boosting Yoga!

Hollywood is in the midst of a baby blitz. Jewel and her hubby, welcomed their bundle of joy (a baby boy) Monday. Victoria Beckham and Kate Hudson both joined the new mommies club over the weekend.

There’s no greater happiness than the birth of a child. Still, you can bet these ladies are tired!

The first months with a newborn are exhausting – any new mom (famous or not) can attest to that. New mommies need lots of zip to get through the day (and night). Coffee and energy drinks might work for a bit, but then you crash.

Why not add a bit of energy-boosting yoga to your day? I know it’s tough for new moms to find a free-moment, but yoga can and will recharge your mind, body, and spirit! Plus, most poses can be done right in your home.

Yoga expert Anna Getty shares with Prevention magazine simple energy-boosting poses. “The extended length and movement in each pose will build and sustain energetic highs,” recommends Getty.

3 Stamina Building Yoga Moves:

1. Spinal Flex/Camel Ride –
Sit with legs crossed, holding onto calves or shins. Inhale and lift chest forward and up. Inhale and exhale as you round spine, chin to chest. Start slowly and increase pace steadily. Continue for three minutes. This movement releases blocked energy in the spine.

2. Stretch Pose –
Sit on floor with legs outstretched. With each hand, grab onto corresponding big toe (Or grab ankles or shins.) Inhale and arch back straight and up. Exhale, bend down at waist, and lower head to knees. Inhale, arch back up and straight, exhale, fold down at waist. Continue this motion at a steadily increased pace for 1 to 3 minutes. Briskly folding forward and backward encourages energy to distribute itself throughout the body.

3. Arm Pumps –
Interlace fingers in front of you. Clasp hands so knuckles face out, palms in. Inhale, bring arms up and overhead. Exhale, lower hands down to knee. Continue this motion with a strong breath, inhaling arms up, exhaling arms down. Start with 3 minutes and build up to 7 minutes. To finish, inhale arms up. Hold the breath for 15 seconds. Exhale and release hands down. The pumping motion stimulates energy flow from the spinal column to other parts of the body.

For those of you lucky enough to live in the New York area and want to give yoga a go, Prevention magazine is hosting its second annual Yoga Studio in the Hamptons. The classes are free (yes, free) and some of the industry’s hottest teachers will be on hand.

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