Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday – Reggie Bush Is Fit For A New Lady!

Let’s just say, “Kim Kardashian who?”

NFL’s Reggie Bush has a smokin’ hot new lady and their relationship is getting physical – literally. “I’ve never had a workout date before, this is my first workout date,” reveals Reggie. Ah, there’s a first time for everything!

Equinox fitness club hooked up Reggie with one of their hottest trainers, Lia Smith, and the two of them took over Miami’s Sun Life Stadium. Their workout date was set-up to be as hot ‘n provocative as an exercise regimen could possibly be.

To check it out, click here, but be warned, you may never look at exercising the same way again.

The super sexy Lia had the very sculpted (and often shirtless) Reggie working up a sweat by pulling a linebacker sled, doing chin-ups on the goal post, squats, lunges – and that’s just the beginning.

Reggie’s sweat-fest was based on Equinox’s soon-to-be launched training camp class (aka ETC), which is a hard-core athletic-inspired group fitness workout. And, Equinox wanted the running back’s seal of approval. “I play football, so more of our training is tailored towards on the field, cone drills, catching balls, obviously the necessary things that we need to keep our skills up to par,” reveals the Miami Dolphins running back. Reggie adds, “As far as the Equinox ETC training, I think it’s more relatable to when I’m in my off-season training regimens.”

Reggie, who is in his off-season mode now, reveals he doesn’t let himself get out of shape. “I like, you know, looking good and staying in shape and staying healthy. I think it’s an important key to just staying young and having a lot of energy and being healthy. I love working out, it’s part of my job, so it’s kind of who I am and it’s kind of what I love to do.”

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