Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday – Ricky Gervais’ Last Call For Healthy Living!

“I didn’t have a proper job until I was 28. I didn’t get into comedy until I was 38, and I didn’t start exercising until I was 48,” confesses Ricky Gervais in the March issue of Men’s Health magazine.

Proving it’s never too late to get healthy, the now 50-year-old British comedian has shed over 30 pounds and is looking in shape for the first time since his 20s. “It’s about living longer. That’s all it was about from the start; it was never about vanity. I read sometimes that I’m doing this so I can play a Hollywood leading man. Yeah, right. I play putzes. If anything, this could ruin my career,” jokes Gervais, who now weighs a much healthier 168 pounds.

The comedian revealed to Men’s Health he realized his lifestyle had to change a few years back after he finished off eleven sausages and looked down at the empty plate and something clicked about how ridiculous his eating habits were.

Running has become Ricky’s healthy addiction. Besides taking to the streets in London, he also likes to hit New York City’s Central Park and pretend he’s Dustin Hoffman in “Marathon Man.” “Get out there, do it, enjoy the results. Why does it always take me so long to work things out?” asks Ricky to Men’s Health.

For more on Ricky’s interview, check out the March issue of Men’s Health magazine.

--By Terri MacLeod

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