Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday – Salma Hayek Shares Her Get Gorgeous Fast Secret

When Salma wants to look her best for a photo shoot or red carpet event, she relies on her favorite juice cleanse.

“I always lose weight, although that’s not the main purpose…A cleanse is an important part of my health and beauty maintenance program. My skin glows when I finish the 3-day cleanse,” reveals Salma.

For years, the 43-year-old actress had her New York City juice guru, Eric Helms, send custom concoctions to her in LA.

Not anymore! The two of them co-created a juice-based cleanse program, the Cooler Cleanse, so now everyone can get a taste of Salma’s beauty secret.

“When I feel stressed, I turn to food for comfort. After doing a juice cleanse, I’m motivated to eat healthier and not emotionally. Cleansing is like a meditation. It makes me stop, focus, and think about what I’m putting into my body. I’m making a commitment to my health,” she said.

The Cooler Cleanse offers a three or five-day juice detox, and, if people miss chewing, there’s even a raw food option. Salma’s partner, Eric, answers some basic questions about cleansing.

1. Why is a juice cleanse good for your body? The modern routine of restaurant dining, take-out food, late-night meals and drinks, and just being too busy to eat in a healthy way stresses our natural cleansing systems. To all those factors, add our consumption of caffeine, alcohol and medications in an environment with dirty air, impure water and invisible chemicals galore. We’re making more demands of our bodies’ detoxification and healing systems than they can handle. They may get by day-to-day, but they don’t flourish. Over time, toxins build up in the body and the results can be small imbalances like aches, allergies, poor digestion and weight gain, or even an ongoing sense of fatigue.

2. How does the Cooler Cleanse work? Cooler Cleanse is a juice detox you do while living your everyday life. Following the program is simple. You replace your three regular meals with our six fresh-pressed juices delivered to your door in an easy-to-carry cooler. You cut out the snacks and stimulants like alcohol and caffeine, and drink plenty of water. You take care of yourself and get plenty of rest. You can add in optimal activities like moderate exercise to help the process. Then you let your body do the work. Freed of the burden of digesting solid food and supported with the nutrients it needs from our vital “living food” juices, your body gently and safely begins to shed excess, clear out imbalances and discover new energy. It’s a functional, common sense approach to building good health and radiant beauty from the inside out.

3. Best advice to prepare for a cleanse? Is it safe for everyone? You get the maximum effect from your Cooler Cleanse when you follow a simple diet of whole foods that are easy to digest and rich in supportive nutrients. These pre-juice cleanse days prepare your body, enhance the effects of the juice cleanse, and make for a smooth transition back to your regular diet afterwards. Cut out anything heavy, creamy, fatty, or rich. Eliminate all the starchy breads and anything packaged or enhanced. Many people prefer to eat vegetarian or vegan diets on these days, but some organic animal and fish protein is fine. The rule of thumb is to eat and drink very cleanly. Certain people shouldn’t cleanse. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should never restrict solid food intake. If you are diabetic, if you are being treated for, or have just recovered from a serious illness, or if you are taking prescription medication for heart disease, check with your doctor before beginning a juice cleanse. Cleansing can alter the concentration of medication in the blood. We recommend that diabetics cleanse under the supervision of an experienced healthcare practitioner. Children under the age of 18 should not cleanse.

4. What sort of results can I expect from the Cooler Cleanse? After a brief time on this simpler, cleaner diet, you feel lighter, more energized and clearer in body and mind. Senses become sharper as behaviors around eating and drinking are more balanced. You help build the inner conditions necessary to stay resilient and healthy. When you feel better on the inside, you look better on the outside. Glowing skin, bright eyes, the disappearance of hard-to-lose pounds, as well as a newfound sense of optimism and enjoyment of life, are all common results of juice cleansing.

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