Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday — Stars Get Stuck On Natural Healing

Jessica Simpson is on a quest to be healthy (and who isn’t?). She Tweeted about her most recent feel-good discovery – cupping.

“Has anyone ever tried cupping? When u know you are doing something good for ur body the meditation creates intense visions. Love it!” she wrote.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Britney Spears also use this ancient Chinese practice in which suction cups are applied to the skin’s surface and help remove toxins and heal other ailments.

“Cupping, from the perspective of Traditional Oriental Medicine, clears stagnation (blocked blood and qi), which is inhibiting the flow of energy,” states healer Robert MacDonald of New York’s Exhale spa. “Cupping will also affect muscle tissue in the same way that a ‘deep tissue’ massage would by stretching and manipulating fibers and surrounding tissue.”

Be warned: Cupping does leave circular marks on back that can last a few days after treatment. Remember a few years back, Gwyneth made headlines when wearing a strapless dress after a cupping session.

Yet, cupping celebs seem to believe these temporary marks are well worth the benefits of the treatment. So, what exactly does cupping do?

“My most common use of cups (in my practice) is for musculoskeletal issues (frozen shoulder, chronic neck pain, etc.),” reveals MacDonald.

It also helps with respiratory issues such as asthma, cold and sinus problem, and digestion problems. Cupping can reduce cellulite and help with weight loss.

…Hmm! I had to try if for myself – so I booked an appointment with Robert at Exhale Spa. After a quick chat about my mind/body condition, we decided to place the cups along my left shoulder, which is always tight and out of whack. By using a vacuum pump, he suctioned a number of these cups (which look like baby food jars) on to my skin and left them on for roughly 10 minutes. The pain level was minimal and actually felt kind of relaxing. And, I have to admit, once the cups were removed – my shoulder did feel remarkably looser. Now, five days later, my bruises are gone and my shoulder (believe it or not) is still not tense. So, for me, the circular hickeys on my back over the holiday weekend were well worth the few odd stares I got at the beach.

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