Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday — The Skinny On Demi & Ashton’s Extreme Diet

The couple that starves together – stays together! Or, so it might go for Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. The power couple announced via Twitter they’re both on the extreme diet, The Master Cleanse.

The 10-day detox consists of drinking a concoction of maple syrup, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper several times a day. (Yummy!) On day 2 of her diet, Demi tweeted, “2nd day of master cleanse and off to hike with hubby and the dogs. 2nd day better then the 1st.”

As for her hubby, Ashton doesn’t seem to be faring so well, “9 hours into the master cleanse,” he wrote, “I want a steak, a beer, and a blow-pop. Hmm this is going to be rough.”

Celebs, always hip to the latest trends, have been known to use the Master Cleanse to lose weight quickly. Beyonce lost 20 pounds in 14 days a few years back for “Dreamgirls.” Yet, Demi wrote she’s on it for “health” not to lose weight. Master Cleanse devotees contend the liquid detox flushes the body of deadly toxins and helps the body feel better and more energized. Yet, before you do as Demi does, NYC nutritionist Mary Gocke from the Continuum Center for Health & Healing shares her thoughts on the Master Cleanse.

Is the Master Cleanse safe?

“The Master Cleanse consists of drinking the Lemonade Diet (water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup) and combining evening laxatives with a salt water flush to induce daily bowel movements. Supposedly, the Master Cleanse detox occurs largely through bowel movements; but laxatives and osmotically induced diarrhea (salt walter) deplete your body of essential nutrients. Even though the Master Cleanse instructs you to drink large amounts of water, you are not replenishing the nutrients that you have lost.”

Does the detox eliminate toxins and result in weight loss?

“The benefit of the Master Cleanse is that you’re not eating any junk food because you are not really eating anything! The benefit stops there. While an extreme diet such as the Master Cleanse will help you lose weight, you will not eliminate any toxins. …You are only depleting nutrients and recirculating toxins within your body.”

Is there are safe way to detox?

“A good detox program will move heavy metals, synthetic chemicals, and solvents but it must be well planned and executed. It helps to do blood work and know how toxic a person is and how well their detoxification machinery (liver, kidney, gut) is working before starting.”

Are there certain foods that help detox your body?

“Foods that are high in sulfur containing compounds, like arugula, broccoli sprouts, bok choy, cauliflower, kale, red radish, chives, leeks, onions, garlic, turnips, and collard greens help us to detoxify. It is also important to eat food that is high in antioxidants…”

Lesson learned: consult a professional before you detox and remember crash diets are not miracles.

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