Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday - Valerie Bertinelli On Staying Well At 50

It’s hard to believe that former teen star Valerie Bertinelli is 50! I remember my brother and every guy I grew up with crushing on her big time. Time does fly! Yet, the ever-perky Bertinelli approached this milestone age with a healthy attitude, revealing in September’s Prevention magazine, “For me it’s just another age, just another number. I’m still kicking, my heart’s still beating, my lungs are still breathing, so that’s good.”

Plus, Valerie is still in killer shape. Just a few years ago, she dropped 40 pounds, thanks to Jenny Craig and exercise, and then bravely posed in a bikini. Now, at 50, she’s managed to keep the weight off and eat smart without being obsessive. “It’s really about portion control. You can have anything you want if you don’t eat the whole thing,” Valerie tells Prevention.

“Well, I shouldn’t keep sourdough bread in the house, because I love sourdough toast. And Hot Tamales–those cinnamon candies? Love those. So when I’m in the supermarket and I think, God, I really want those, I’ll remind myself that in 2 days when I have weak moment, I’ll go straight for them. So there are certain things I just won’t buy.”

Valerie’s also heading into her new decade with big fitness goals. Just four days shy of 50, she completed her first marathon, and now she’s raised the bar, “I want to do a triathlon at the end of the year, a sprint triathlon. I also want to do more weight training. I want to bring up my lean muscle mass and build bone density, which is important as you get older.”

What’s not better at 50? Her sex life, huh? Valerie, who’s engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Tom Vitale, reveals, that’s always been good – even when she was bigger. “…it was pretty good even when I was big. Tom likes me at any size. I’m lucky that way.”

You go, girl!

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