Healthy Hollywood: Yoga With A Supermodel

Healthy Hollywood wondered how 44-year-old supermodel Christy Turlington Burns manages to look as good now as she did 20 years ago.

No doubt — genetics play a part. But the mother of two also credits her practice of yoga .

“The biggest thing I’ve taken from yoga is: It’s so not about asana [the physical postures]. It’s living yoga daily,” she says in the September issue of Prevention magazine. “And I do that every day to the best of my ability.”

Like any parent, she faces her share of challenges and frustrations and says the yogic philosophy helps her cope.

“I’ve done marathons and given birth and felt stressed out about this or that—and the yoga is there,” she explains. “It’s about the equanimity of any moment, no matter how hard. You find that first on the mat, and then the mat is everywhere.”

She also says she recently took up spinning.

“I so didn’t want to be the person who Spins, but I thought, ‘OK, I don’t have joint problems right now, but I know that can happen, and people love it.’ So I tried it,” she reveals. “I really love it!”

As for diet, Christy is not hard core. Unlike some yogis, she is not a vegetarian — though she does eat healthy.

“I do everything in moderation. I make a great salad niçoise. The other night we made shrimp tacos. Greens and nuts are my main sustenance,” she tells Prevention.

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-- Nancy Harrison, filling in for Terri MacLeod

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