Heather Mills’ Shocking New Claim: ‘I Have A Box Of Evidence’

Heather Mills says she wants only one thing from Paul McCartney and it isn’t money. The soon to be ex-wife of the former Beatle also wants the person who pushed her to toward contemplating suicide to stand up and take responsibility.

“When I left Paul I said, ‘ I don’t want a penny. Just protect me because people think you’re perfect but you’re not, you’re human like everybody else. You know why I’ve left you. Protect me and I will say nothing,’” Heather told Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush in an interview on Thursday.

“We’ve had death threats,” she added.

Since their four-year marriage ended, Heather has endured 18-months of ongoing, nasty divorce proceedings, abusive press and death threats against her.

“Eighteen months later, I [have] no protection and intense, immense abuse,” she told Billy. “I told Paul three days ago, ‘I need to go out and protect myself’ and he said ‘Go for it.’ I said, ‘Are you with me or against me?’ He said, ‘I don’t know. No comment.’”

In Billy’s new interview with the charity campaigner, Heather laid the majority of the marriage’s failure in Paul’s lap, with what she claims is damaging proof.

“I have a box of evidence that is going to a certain person should anything happen to me,” she revealed.

When Billy asked if the evidence was against Paul or the paparazzi, Heather said she could not comment.

“I can’t answer that ‘cause I’m in the middle of divorce proceedings and it will be used against me,” she said.

It was a revealing answer that Heather soon began to weave back to Paul.

“This evidence is against a certain party that behaved in a terrible way and I don’t ever want the evidence to have to go out but if I’m going to be portrayed as this horrific person for my daughter to grow up,” Heather said stopping herself. “This evidence is there for her to make up her mind when she’s older.”

“If Paul were to speak up and say ‘Look everybody, the marriage fell apart and it’s my fault. I did something. It’s my fault. Please leave this woman alone,‘ you would be happy to walk away?” Billy asked Heather.

“The evidence would never need to be,” Heather said, pausing, before concluding, “Exactly.”

“Have you spoken to Paul since the GMTV interview [on Wednesday] morning on British TV?” Billy asked Heather of the morning show appearance where she admitted she had been suicidal.

“No, we haven’t spoken,” Heather confirmed.

“What do you expect him to say,” Billy asked.

“We do the swap over. He’ll say nothing. He’ll say nothing ‘cause it’s not happening in his world,” she said.

“Knowing what you know now about Paul, would you have married him in the first place?” Billy asked.

“Never,” Heather said firmly.

“You talk about being close to suicide. How close?” he asked.

“Very close. Very close,” Heather responded.

Heather told Access it is too late for Paul to escape without paying up in the divorce. Is she really giving 80% to charity? Find out tomorrow, on Access Hollywood.

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