Hillary Clinton Tells Tyra: 'I Never Doubted Bill’s Love For Me Ever'

Presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton, stopped by the "Tyra Banks Show" on Monday, getting candid with Tyra about Bill Clinton's infidelity with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

During the interview, which is set to air on Friday, Senator Clinton said of the affair, "I really had to dig down deep and think hard about what was right for me, what was right for my family."

Clinton went on to tell Tyra, she was able to keep faith in her relationship with Bill during tumultuous time.

"I never doubted Bill’s love for me ever, and I never doubted my faith and my commitment to our daughter and our extended family," she said.

Though she was able to remain strong, Senator Clinton admitted she grappled with feelings of anger and embarrassment.

"The momentary feelings-- you know, you are mad, you are really upset, you are disappointed — all of that goes through your mind." Clinton told Tyra. "I have found you really shouldn’t make decisions in the heat of those moments."

Tyra asked Clinton if she is now a role model for other women who are struggling with an affair in their relationship.

"I say you have to be true to yourself," Clinton said. "No one story is the same as any other story. I don’t know your reality. I can’t possibly substitute my judgment for yours. You have to do what is right for you and that may not be what anybody else believes."

Clinton and Tyra were not all serious during the taping. In addition to saying she would love to be on "Dancing With The Stars," the Senator discussed the idea of a reality show to come up with a new term for "First Lady," should Bill need to step into the role.

"Here are some of the things that have been suggested, like 'First Mate.' His Scottish friends say 'First Laddy.' But we need ideas.' Clinton laughed.

In the meantime, Clinton plans on sticking to what she knows best, saying, "I’ll just keep calling him Bill."

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