Hollywood Heads To The Polls On Election Day

Some of Hollywood’s biggest names headed to the polls on Election Day and encouraged their fans on Twitter and Facebook to do the same.

Here’s what some of the stars had to say:

Will Smith: “No matter what you believe or who you support, make sure your voice is heard!”

Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga posted the Tweet: “If you are old enough to vote for the first time, exercise your right today. It matters-and can change the world. Go vote”

Charlize Theron: “It’s time to vote, America! It’s your right so take advantage of it!”

“Hunger Games” star Josh Huctherson: “this was my first time ever voting this year. it really is a great feeling to know I can make a difference. please, if you can, vote.”

Alicia Keys: “Are you ready to make sure we continue to move forward tomorrow!!?? ;-) Remember to get out there and exercise your right to vote!”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt reposted a quote from singer K.D. Lang: “May the leader who will bring the most benefit to ALL beings Win the election. #VOTE”

Kathy Griffin: “Don’t forget to VOTE this TUESDAY 11/6….FOR Barack Obama! Listen to Cher!”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus: “Ba-rocking the vote for Obama today. Dig it!”

Vin Diesel: “VOTE!!! Yeah, even the Ballot Measures! Haha… look ‘em up, before you head to the box.”

America Ferrera: “Mission accomplished! I voted! My polling place needed more workers though, so that’s what I’ll be doing next election”

Pitbull: “If you are old enough 2 vote for the first time, do it today.”

Martha Stewart: “Did you vote yet? Paper ballot or booth ? I had to adjust my paper ballot 3 times before it was calculated. Who do you think will win?”

Keke Palmer: “I’m a first time voter & it feels amazing! Vote! Vote! Vote!”

“Dexter” star Jennifer Carpenter: “Vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote and… Oh yeah, VOTE!!”

“The New Normal’s” Andrew Rannells: “Happy Election Day, folks!!! If you haven’t already voted, GO VOTE NOW!!”

Ashley Judd: “It’s Election Day! If you haven’t voted, what are you waiting for?”

“Real Housewife” Phaedra Parks: “Its pouring rain in ATL today but I voted in LESS than 30minutes!!! The process can work-try it-VOTE TODAY!!!!!”

Debra Messing: “I don’t think any of us should assume anything. Every vote matters”

-- Jesse Spero

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