‘Homeland’s’ Damian Lewis On Meeting Pres. Obama & Sgt. Brody’s Season 2 Journey

Damian Lewis certainly enjoyed having dinner with President Barack Obama last week, but the Commander in Chief wasn’t able to command the “Homeland” star to spill any secrets about the next season of the hit show.

“Nobody got any secrets out of the show,” the Brit told Access Hollywood as he hit the red carpet for at “An Evening with ‘Homeland,’” at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in North Hollywood on Wednesday night. “I did ask the President quite a pointed question just to give us the heads up if anything interesting happens in foreign policy in the next few months, just so Season 2 can be as current as possible and he looked me straight in the eye and said, ‘I’ll be sure to let you know.’”

The actor, who plays Sgt. Brody in the hit Showtime show, which returns for Season 2 in September, said during his visit to the White House, he had the ear of not only the President, but of one of the world’s richest men.

“I found myself in a very surreal three way conversation with the President, Warren Buffett and myself, discussing policy. We fixed a few things. You can sleep easy in your beds tonight,” Damian quipped. “He was very happy to hear that Warren had employed more people in this last month than he has previously in the last couple of years, so the President was happy to hear that.”

Later this spring, Damian and his “Homeland” co-stars will head back to the set of the show, and while he hasn’t seen a new script, the actor is expecting another twist in the Sgt. Brody story.

“I think we all saw — in Season 1 — a pretty extraordinary climax. I think it’s difficult to top that in terms of Brody’s story, so I think Brody has to become something else. Whether he remains the main threat throughout the series I think is a moot point,” Damian said. “They might introduce another threat and then they have to find another role for Brody. We’ll see how successfully they manage that. They might not want to. This might be our last interview together.”

-- Jolie Lash

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