‘Honey Badger’ Creator Randall Responds To Praise From ‘Precious’ Taylor Swift: ‘My Eyes Just Fell Out Of My Head’

With over 36 million hits on his “The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger” YouTube video alone, animal enthusiast Randall has become an Internet sensation, with legions of fans sassily adding his signature catchphrase, “Honey badger don’t care!” to their everyday vernacular.

The single-monikered character has even earned praise from Taylor Swift --who, during a January interview with Vogue magazine, revealed she can recite every line from the “Honey Badger” video — and Randall is thrilled to have found a fan in the country superstar.

“So amazing! First off, I love TayTay, as I call her,” Randall told AccessHollywood.com during a phone interview on Wednesday, when asked if he was aware of the shout-out from the Grammy winner. “I think she’s fantastic. When I read that, my eyes just fell out of my head!”

Randall, whose YouTube page boasts numerous viral videos profiling various lesser-known animal species with his snarky narration, said he thinks of the country cutie as the endearing water chevrotain — “a sweet little baby deer.”

“I think she’d be a water chevrotain — those things are just so precious,” he told Access, when asked what animal Taylor would be akin to in the wild.

However, Randall was quick to note that the blond beauty is much “more slender” than the gentle chevrotain.

“The chevrotains [are] chubby. And [Taylor] is not chubby, obviously,” he said. “But she certainly is as precious as a water chevrotain!”

Click HERE to learn more about the water chevrotain! (Don’t worry – prior to watching Randall’s video, we had never heard of this adorable creature either.)

As for his favorite animal, Randall – who was exposed to wildlife at an early age due to his father’s career as a cameraman on “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom” — is partial to the King of the Jungle.

“I think lions are just so regal and majestic and gorgeous. And I love the fact that they get to sleep 14 hours a day – how lucky!” he told Access. “They have it easy – they make love, they pass out… 14 hours later they wake up [and] eat a zebra.

“I mean, they really have it made!” he added. “I also love the sloth. Sloths, to me, are just so fascinating.”

In addition to narrating videos for his throngs of fans, Randall has written a new book, “Honey Badger Don’t Care: Randall’s Guide to Crazy Nastyass Animals” (available in stores now), has two mobile apps and is developing an animated TV series based on a fictional university whose mascot is (what else?) a live honey badger.

“We’ve come up with this fabulous idea for a show called, ‘Honey Badger U’ where it’s basically myself in an animated form serving as a Life Sciences/Biology professor that no one really cares about,” he told Access. “At this particular school, their mascot is a live honey badger… I think it would be a laugh riot!”

And, in typical cobra-fighting, bee larva-eating style, the honey badger will not make the professor’s job as mascot caretaker easy.

“He makes my life hell,” Randall said with a laugh.

Click HERE to check out Randall’s Wild World of Animals!

- By Erin O’Sullivan

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