How To Get Claire Danes’ Fob & Kerry Washington’s Emmys Makeup Look (Glam Slam)

Claire Danes and Kerry Washington were two of the biggest style stars on the red carpet at Sunday’s Emmys. On Monday, we took a look at their dresses, and today Glam Slam shows has details on how you can recreate your own version of Claire’s Fob (a fake bob) and Kerry’s fresh faced makeup look.

Claire Danes’ Fob

To find out how to get Claire’s look we turned to red carpet stylist Adir for tips on how to achieve a similar look…

  • Take your underneath hair at the back and tease it with a comb to create some traction.
  • Brush out the top.
  • Pull the hair into a low ponytail and secure it with your rubber band.
  • Take two fingers and roll the hair under, and pin it into place.
  • Spray the hair to finish it off

“If you want it a little bit longer, you just tuck it a little bit less under. Then you’re starting to open it up so it looks like a perfect bob,” Adir said on Tuesday’s Access Hollywood Live as he created the look on a model. “It’s gorgeous. It’s simple.”

Kerry Washington’s Makeup

For tips on how to create a makeup look like Kerry’s Emmys glow, we turned to International Lead Nars Makeup Stylist Uzo…

Eyes: Start off with a lavender eye shadow and finish off with a darker eggplant along the lash line. To get that pop, Uzo said to use a gel liner. “You take a gel liner, which is black, and you push it into the base of your lashes to get your lashes to look even fuller. It’s a great tip where you don’t have to actually use any fake lashes or extra coats of mascara.”

Cheeks: “Basically, everybody wants that luminous skin, but people don’t know how to get it. You want to use a highlighting stick,” Uzo said on Tuesday’s Access Hollywood Live. “We have a beautiful peachy pink, champagne-y shimmer, which you actually add right to the top of the cheekbones. What I love about this is it gives that beautiful, luminous texture, without looking like it’s too dewy. Right now what we’re seeing on the red carpet is more of a luminous neo-matte, which is the new matte, where skin is not too shiny, but it looks lit from within.”

Lips: “We have a multiple product which works like a lip pencil, a lip gloss and a lipstick all in one. It’s called our Satin Lip Pencil [in] Biscayne Park. [It’s] very similar to the color Kerry used on the red carpet. … You can use this to give the lip a little bit more definition, you can use it to fill in and it has a little bit of shiny tint, [and a] texture to it, so it looks like it has a gloss. And I love the fact that the gloss stays on.”

-- Jolie Lash

(Glam Slam’s Ryan Patterson is on maternity leave)

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