How Will Hollywood Dads Celebrate Father’s Day?

Just in time for Father?s Day, Greg Kinnear and his wife, Helen, welcome their second daughter, Audrey Mae!

As for Hollywood?s other dads ? new or all settled into fatherhood ? it is atime to celebrate.

And celebrities owndads aren?t lacking for the royal treatment either.

?I plan way ahead of time,? Sandra Bullock told us. ?Dad is already hooked up.?

Rap mogul Diddy also can?t wait to enjoy his special day.

?I’m a daddy 364 days out of the year,? Diddy told us. ?That one day I just want to wake up to breakfast in bed, you know.?

Looks like the Combs kids should get ready to dote on ?His Diddiness,? but what will one-month-old Sadie Sandler get for her dad, Adam?

?Hopefully, something good,? Adam laughed. ?This afternoon she gave me something on my shoulder. A white liquid!?

How, ummm, thoughtful. But Father?s Day holds a special place in Adam?s heart, and he shared with Access warm words about his late father in Parade magazine.

Adam lost his dad more than two years ago and is intent on the fact that his daughter, Sadie, know all about her grandpa.

?I?ll just tell her every story that we went through and how much the guy loved me and how much I loved him and took care of our family,? Adam said. ?Brooklyn Boy didn?t have much money but put his family first.?

Now that the ?Fonz? has a family, Access wanted the scoop on how Henry Winkler is as a pop.

?He is a good father, very kind, understanding, sweet, sweet man,? Max Winkler told us.

Awww! The fatherly love is overflowing in Hollywood. Military dads can even dial in for well-wishes from none other than Jack Nicholson.

?Hi, this is Jack Nicholson wishing military dads overseas a happy and a safe father’s day,? the recording goes.

Access did find one dad who?s feeling slightly neglected?

?Melania has taken unbelievably good care of the baby,? Donald Trump told Access? Billy Bush.

?The art of the deal is taking care of the baby and taking care of The Donald,? Billy laughed.

?Right,? Donald laughed. ?So far the baby is well taken care of.?

But the Donald will get his due and he?s just one of the extra-proud dads that this year?s Hollywood baby boom has brought us. Tom, Brad, Jack Black, Matt Damon and Drew Lachey are all proud new poppas.

And Drew can expect a visit from big brother Nick on Father?s Day.

?He and I still haven’t smoked the celebratory cigar, so, I mean it has to start there,? Drew laughed.

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