‘Hung’ Stars Talk Secrets Of Season 2, Co-Starring With The ‘Men In Black’ Pug

“Hung,” HBO’s series about a divorced Detroit high school athletics coach and father, who moonlight as a male prostitute to help him out of financial despair, returns to screens on June 27, and star Thomas Jane told Access Hollywood that Season 2 is a good one.

“Season 1, I think Ray was a little mystified by his desire to sexually satisfy a lot of different women and in Season 2, like in the ‘Godfather Part 3,’ just when he thought he was out, they dragged him back in,” Thomas laughed. “[I’m] having a lot of fun this year.”

Thomas, who showed up at his premiere with an unlit cigar and sporting shoes that separated his toes (Season 1 he was barefoot on the premiere red carpet), said it was easy to sink his acting teeth into Ray’s Season 2 arc.

“It’s nice to see the characters grow and evolve. I like what the writers are doing with Ray. They are allowing me to show what it takes to be a strong man in a crazy world,” he said. “Ray’s learning it’s not enough to just satisfy women sexually, but he’s also learning to be a strong more confident man for himself.”

Beyond Ray, there’s some growing for his pimp, Tanya, played by Jane Adams, and his other pimp, Lenore (Rebecca Creskoff), who are about to face off for his loyalties and business opportunities.

“Tanya has a bitch problem… a redheaded bitch problem,” Jane laughed at “Hung’s” Wednesday event. “It’s not exactly predictable what happens.”

“It’s so funny because my sister and my friends are just endlessly shocked to [see me] play so well someone so tough… because I’m not like that at all,” Rebecca said of her character. “It’s fun, it’s fun to be such a bad a**.”

The sparring of the two women also has consequences of the four-legged kind. Two pugs have cameos in the series, including Frank, who previously starred in both “Men In Black” films.

“Frank is a diehard professional,” Jane giggled of her on-screen furry pal. “You pick Frank up and where any other dog would be squirming, Frank just kind of goes like (holds hands up) — he poses,” she laughed.

Rebecca also offered a hint that Frank’s life is going to get busier in Season 2.

“He becomes a pawn in the chess game between Tanya and Lenore. And then there’s another — Spoiler Alert — There’s another pug that comes into the mix — Horny Patty and Horny Patrick,” she said of the dogs’ character names. “They’ve been great. They’ve been my comedy partners… [Their personalities have] allowed me to have some funny moments that were fully given to me by the dogs being better actors.”

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