'Idol' Rocks To The Songs Of The Beatles

Last week they took on the John Lennon - Paul McCartney songbook and on Tuesday’s “American Idol,” the 11 remaining contenders chose from The Beatles' catalog – opening their picks up to tunes also penned by George Harrison and Ringo Starr.

Rocker Amanda Overmyer jumped right in with “Back In The U.S.S.R.”

“It was predictable, it was a bit of a mess in parts,” judge Simon Cowell said. “It’s the same thing week after week.”

Kristy Lee Cook, who was nearly sent home last Wednesday, took on “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away,” which, once again., she countri-fied.

“It was an interesting arrangement,” Randy said. “At the end, when you hit the high note, I was like, yeah… [but] it felt a little boring and a little safe.”

“Kristy, I think you need something like hypnosis… because the problem is, you’re not a good performer,” Simon said.

After forgetting his words last week, David Archuleta then stepped up to the plate for, “The Long And Winding Road.”

Following his performance, the judges could barely respond over the audiences’ cheers.
“They are right to clap, because David Archuleta has brought the hotness back to his game, right there,” Randy said.

“David, last week was a complete wreck,” Simon said. “This week I thought you were amazing,” Simon said. “It is so important that you sell a song and that you remember a performance and that was a master class.”

Aussie Michael Johns next took on “A Day In The Life,” which found little favor with the judges.

“You have got to nail the song like David did before you,” Simon said. “That was not good enough.”

Brooke White took on the George Harrison favorite, “Here Comes The Sun."

“That performance for me was really awkward,” Randy said. “You were never really connected to that song.”

Rocker David Cook once again brought out his electric guitar for a version of “Daytripper.”

“David I don’t think it was as good as you thought it was,” Simon said. “You looked a bit smug throughout.”

Irish singer Carly Smithson then performed an emotional version of “Blackbird.”

“I felt that was indulgent,” Simon said of the song whose lyrics go “Blackbird singing in the dead of night / take these broken wings and learn to fly.”

Carly responded by suggesting that she felt like a “Blackbird” having struggled in the music industry and also, almost not even taking on “Idol.”

“I was very afraid to come and audition for the show,” Carly responded to Simon, choking back tears.

Dreadlocked Jason Castro sang next. He sang “Michelle.”

“Where you’re lucky is that this is a TV show and not a radio show, because your face sold that,” Simon said. “What you have — and I like you a lot — is that you’re very charming. You have this kind of goofiness that works.”

She was in the bottom three last week, but Syesha Mercado attempted to change her fate this week, performing “Yesterday” with light accompaniment.

“That was probably your best performance so far,” Simon said. “It wasn’t incredible… I think that song and that performance should keep you in this competition.”

Chikezie then sang “I’ve Just Seen A Face.”

“There were some good parts for me and some bad parts for me. Sounds like it could make a good country song to me,” Randy said.

Finally Ramiele Malubay took the stage for “I Should Have Known Better.”

“You showed that confidence that is in there,” Randy said. “You did your thing. It was alright.”

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