Inside The 2012 Independent Spirit Awards Gift Lounge!’s Laura Saltman was inside the Gift Lounge Backstage At The 2012 Film Independent Spirit Awards, where she caught up with the stars as they were getting their hands on some amazing goodies! …

I swear when you have a baby life instantly speeds up. I cannot believe yet another Oscar weekend is upon us. My weekend started on Saturday backstage at the 2012 Film Independent Spirit Awards where I was happy to not be being kicked from the inside out by my growing baby. I’m not sure how I even made it through last year in that condition.

This year’s baby dilemma happened before the actual show even started with a grumpy 10-month-old who didn’t want to take a nap. Needless to say, I was way late to the big shindig but here is what I did spot happening backstage in the Official Presenter Gift Lounge backstage at the 2012 Film Independent Spirit Awards produced by On 3 Productions…

12:30 PM PST - “Twilight” star Anna Kendrick looked adorable in a red floral strapless dress. She’s made seven movies this year, including the upcoming “What To Expect When You Are Expecting.” Oh and just a little movie called “Breaking Dawn.” I watched her snag a free membership to Crunch Fitness which she says she will finally be able to work out again after being so busy.

12:45 PM - “Dancing With The Stars” pro dancer Kym Johnson tagged along as Carson Kressley’s date to the awards. Carson’s a big indie film guy. Not! Hey, an invite’s an invite. Kym was going bra-less in a flowy sun dress. So, how perfect that while inside the lounge she picked up some Fashion Form bras. I tried to grill her about the rumored celebrities dancing this season — Melissa Gilbert, Jack Wagner and Sherri Shepherd. She acted like she didn’t know anything but I’m sure she was lying! The pros know they have to keep their mouths shut until the official list comes out, which will be on Tuesday. Here’s a hint. I’m not on it. What?! Oh right, it’s called “Dancing With The STARS.”

1:00 PM - Just ran to the bathroom where I spotted Chris Pine deep in conversation with someone by the women’s bathroom - giving us ladies a reason to hit the head frequently. He is quite the eye candy.

1:15 PM - Now you wouldn’t expect William H. Macy to moisturize, but right now I’m watching him rub some Tree Hut Shea butter on his hands. He he’ll have some pretty soft hands considering they are giving celebs a one-year supply. The ladies from the company later showed me their limited edition sugar scrub made with real crushed rubies. Gives new meaning to looking like a million bucks.

1:20 PM - I always geek out over the most random people. Just spotted Giancarlo Esposito who plays Sidney Glass on “Once Upon A Time.” He had a huge episode a couple of weeks ago where it was revealed in the fairy tale world he was a genie that became the infamous mirror which the evil queen asks “Who’s the fairest of them all?” Mr. GLASS. Get it. I love that show. I see a few guys geeking out over him as Gus on “Breaking Bad” but I don’t watch that show so I’m clueless about that. Super nice guy.

1:30 PM - More eye candy as I spot Benjamin Bratt in the gift lounge. He declines doing an interview, knowing I’m probably going to ask him his thoughts on Warren Boyd, an interventionist who he portrayed in the A&E show “The Cleaner” and who is now reportedly helping Bobbi Kristina Brown. Celebs are so savvy now about the media. Later in the day, “White Collar” star Matt Bomer stopped by the lounge, but didn’t do interviews.

1:35 PM - Show just started. I’m watching Seth Rogen kill it as host this year. I still am laughing over me not believing him at the Golden Globes that he was doing a movie with Barbra Streisand. He is. It’s slow in the lounge right now but it’s only a matter of time before people get restless inside the show and decide it’s time to check out the free goodies.

2:00 PM - Lucy Liu looking much more glam than her new “Southland” character in a black and white lace dress picks up some hair products from Wella Professionals. She’s got great hair so I’m sure they will be put to good use. I accidentally almost trip her with our microphone cord. Good thing I didn’t she might have gone all “Kill Bill” on me!

2:15 PM - Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan (you know Denny from “Grey’s Anatomy”) stops in the lounge and heads straight to the Ritz Carlton booth where they are gifting celebrities a two-night stay at the The Ritz-Carlton Central Park, New York. I could name a few ladies who would be perfectly happy to help use that with him, including myself.

2:30 PM - “Two Broke Girls” star Beth Behrs, in the most amazing purple Christian Louboutin shoes, reminds me that seven months ago — she was a nanny. So, getting tickets to award shows like this and being able to pick up great products like free movie passes from AMC Theaters, headphones from Bowers and Wilkins and bags by Carlos Falchi has her pinching herself. She’ll be watching the Oscars from the InStyle Party which also has her in disbelief to be invited. We also chatted about my friend Chad Collins, who will be guest starring in an episode of her show as a chef who romances Kat Denning’s character. She told me he did great and is super cute, which of course he is!

3:00 PM - After her win for best supporting actress for “The Descendants,” Shailene Woodley celebrated by coming into the lounge. She chatted for quite a while with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak about her love of running, which is good as Harley is a rep for New Balance and will be sending her all sorts of new shoes to try.

3:30 PM - Just caught Harley Pasternak snacking on some Twizzlers! Mr. Healthy having an unhealthy snack!? He laughs and tells me it’s his “free day.” Mind you I was snacking on edamame all day like a good girl. No sweets for me.

3:45 PM - Show is over and “Awake” co-stars Wilmer Valderamma and Jason Isaacs are in a jovial mood as they hit up the lounge. They are very funny about how they could put all these goodies to use next time they film an independent film since they have no money in the budget. I fully expect for paparazzi to snap Wilmer wearing the Cult of Individuality jeans he snagged out on a date or something rather than on an indie film!

3:50 PM - So I have to mention that I was chatting with the rep from Votre Vu skincare line who were on hand to gift celebs with a huge assortment of anti-aging products. I was complaining about my horrible eczema and she let me try this cream called ‘Tragic Magic,’ which she thinks might help as it has helped others with the same problem. I did a big story on eczema and psoriasis a few months ago for with Kim Kardashian’s skin doctor. I’m very big on trying to get the word out to anyone who suffers from it which is why I have to mention it here. Crossing my fingers ‘Tragic Magic’ really works! It certainly has a great name.

4:00 PM - Time to wrap it up and head home and prepare for the big Oscar show. I’ll be living blogging all day from the show.

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