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8:03 PM PST - There may be dozens of stars at the Emmys, but LA is a commuter town and the after-show schmoozing will have to wait for many.

Even before “Modern Family” accepted their prestigious, final Emmy of the night gong, people were fleeing the building, hoping to get a head start on getting to the parking lot — and, the parties.

Most waited for Steve Levitan to say his humorous speech — with its nod to December-May romances, but by then the doors were flooded.

And for anyone counting (or not counting) at home, Levitan also won the award for most “ums” in an Emmy acceptance speech – he “umm-ed” it 18 times during his final speech.

That’s a wrap folks! Onto the after-parties! Check out the coverage from those – as well as exclusive red carpet interviews, moments at the winner’s table, inside the backstage gift lounge & so much more — tonight & tomorrow on!

7:27 PM - At the Television Critics Summer Session in August, Mark Burnett promised the “In Memoriam” section wouldn’t be a “bummer,” (his word). And true to his word, it wasn’t. It was classy, even paying tribute to “Spartacus” star Andy Whitfield, who passed away just one week ago.

And after producers cut to commercial, it was as silent as a church. For a moment, it seemed like everyone was just remembering.

7:02 PM - Kyle Chandler’s win for “Friday Night Lights” was met with one of the most appropriate reactions. Not just standing ovations from his colleagues, but a little further up, high fives! Go coach!

And just in case it doesn’t make the air, Kyle remembered to thank his wife.

6:52 PM - Immediately after Peter Dinklage’s win , the “Game of Thrones” producers rushed to author George R. R. Martin’s seat to celebrate. And there were plenty of Throners in the building. When the Dink’s name was called, a host of whoops echoed throughout the Nokia.

Elsewhere, the reality show winners are posing with their trophies in the congested aisles.

6:26 PM - Popped outside and the foyer is packed here at the Emmys.

Heidi Klum just sauntered by in her flowing gown, completely barefoot. She’s carrying her designer shoes.

There’s definitely a host of Hollywood outside the actual ceremony, saying their hello’s.

“Game of Thrones” producer David Benioff is standing tall with his leading lady in life — wife Amanda Peet. Producer D.B. Weiss is here too.

Others spotted in the hallway? Oscars producer Brett Ratner (maybe picking up some tips), Nigel Lythgoe, some of the cast of “Glee,” including Cory Monteith, Mark Salling and Dianna Agron trying to squeeze through past the packed line at the food bar.

5:29 PM - What you’re not seeing while the commercials are on? Men sweeping the stage with brushes (think Olympic style curling) and “Glee’s” Matthew Morrison rushing to his seat.

5:11 PM - Wondering why Jimmy Fallon was breathing heavy when the cameras cut back to him and Jimmy Kimmel? When the cameras cut to the nominees, they started goofing around and groping each other on the floor.

4: 59 PM - A man from the Emmys has given the pending award winners some advice — 45 seconds to say your thank yous. If you go over, he added, the music will cut you off.

We’ve been told we can use our phones for Tweeting, but to leave the ringers off. If you hear a phone, it isn’t me.

4: 52 PM - It’s 15 minutes until the Emmys begin and Access is on the inside!

People started taking their seats hours ago, but the final push has begun. The announcer has singled out every group known to man, pleading with them to take their seats.

The ever-prompt George R. R. Martin, the author of “A Song of Ice and Fire” series which the HBO series “Game of Thrones” is based on, was already in his spot. Fans might not recognize him right away. He’s without his trademark cap

Andy Cohen, with five minutes to go, is staining in the aisle, chatting with friends.

It’s close now. The announcer just said, “Someone else might take your Emmy if you don’t take your seats.”

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