iTRAIN: Virtual Workout Of The Stars

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (February 27, 2007) ? What?s the latest LA workout that?s keeping stars including Courteney Cox Arquette, Sarah Silverman & The Pussycat Dolls in great shape?

iTRAIN, the virtual fitness routine that?s bringing top Hollywood trainers and fitness classes to any MP3 player, anywhere, anytime.

iTRAIN co-founder and Hollywood trainer, Grace Lazenby says, ?I created iTRAIN as a portable workout device to bring the world?s top trainers? voices to people everywhere. Fitness is a way of life but without positive reinforcement on a daily basis, most people get stuck in a rut and give up. iTRAIN is the voice that won?t let you give up. My iTRAIN team is available everyday for every challenge.?

iTRAIN now has over 120 workouts in 10 difference categories, for people ranging from marathoners to first-timers.


The iTRAIN Workout

Clients can purchase programs a la carte or they can subscribe to monthly and yearly packages. With workouts starting at just $1.00, iTRAIN makes the dream of a Hollywood body a reality.

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Type in Promo Code “AH2007” for a free download upon registration (expires September 30, 2007)

A combination of stretching, yoga & pilates are demonstrated in the below photos by Hollywood trainer Grace Lazenby.

Motivation: Motivation is a key factor in maintaining a fitness regime. Lazenby believes that, ?most people quit exercising because they are bored or because they aren?t seeing results. For many people, exercise is a monotonous, almost painful activity.? The iTRAIN trainers coach the user through every step of the workouts with encouraging phrases such as, ?I?m right there with you? or ?You can do anything just for a minute.?
With iTRAIN, you can get a Hollywood body at home.

iStretch Combination: This challenging, unique workout combines yoga, pilates, and dance conditioning. Trainer Grace Lazenby has selected hip lounge and jazz music to lead you through this full-body workout. This 60-minute class is best practiced with a yoga mat and should be done in combination with iSculpt Ballet. Users should be familiar with the practice of yoga.
iStretch Combination: Trainer Grace Lazenby demonstrates the Crescent Pose position.

iSculpt Ballet: This high-movement dance and sculpting workout is geared towards the smaller muscle groups that are key to the long lean physique of a dancer. Trainer Grace Lazenby selects a large variety of exciting lounge and dance music to guide you through this 60-minute, lower-body workout. This workout is best practiced with a small workout ball.
iTread: This treadmill workout is created for all levels of walkers, joggers, and runners who may enjoy a fast- paced and high-energy play list of club hits, house, R&B, and chill lounge music. Trainer Grace Lazenby will give you an end goal with her journey through long runs, hills, intervals, and speed walking. Each 20, 40 or 60-minute workout can be accomplished on a treadmill.
iCycle: This workout can be used with a stationary bike or any type of road or mountain bike. Trainer Keith Irace guides users through hills, sprints, intervals, and long rides. This 20 or 40-minute workout is combined with an eclectic mix of body pumping music from hip-hop and urban music to jazz and new age, to get any body moving.

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