It’s In The Stars: Are Jennifer Aniston And Vince Vaughn Destined To Be?

Jennifer Aniston (AQUARIUS) and Vince Vaughn (ARIES) are two peas in a pod, almost identical, at least as far as relationship desires go. With both of them, what you see is what you get. There is no hidden agenda, no persona smiling or behind-the-scenes scowling. Jen and Vince are straight shooters — and serious too.

The problem is that cosmically they are almost identical, so there is about zero mutual attraction. They are together because they have so much in common, not because they have deep attraction, and this commonality is one of the the only things holding them together.

Of the two, Jennifer is the boss in the relationship. She is in charge, and likes to take care of Vince. He is the loved one, the object. He is much more given over to emotionality and making grand emotional gestures.

Jen is the worrier of the two, and she is the philosopher, always with a different perspective from others.

At heart, these two are just good friends, both looking for something more than they probably can offer each other.

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