Jack Nicholson Briefly Hospitalized For Gland Infection

(September 12, 2006) — A source tells Access Hollywood that Jack Nicholson checked into Cedars-Sinai Hospital yesterday, and that the movie star just got back home today. He checked into the hospital because, as his friend said, “his salivary glands were acting up.” As a young man, Nicholson reportedly had previous problems with his salivary glands.

The exact nature of Nicholson’s salivary problem is unknown, and he seems to have enjoyed a clean bill of health for many, many years, despite the nicotine addiction he can’t seem to quit. Film critic Paul Fischer interviewed Nicholson two years ago, and Jack had the following to say about his own health fears:

“I would be so happy if I didn’t smoke, for a lot of reasons. I can’t believe that I can’t break the habit. I don’t want to be lying around, dying in Cedar’s Sinai Hospital and thinking that I was as stupid enough, a man who is as petrified of dying as I am, to have done it to myself. I’m a real fraidy-cat about mortality.”

Still Nicholson appears as energetic as ever, if his racy scenes in the upcoming film “The Departed” are any indication. In the film, Nicholson plays a mob boss as charismatic as any character that he’s ever played on screen before.

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