Jake Gyllenhaal & Michelle Monaghan Talk ‘Source Code’: What Would They Do With Their Last 8 Minutes?

Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan’s new movie, “Source Code,” explores the fantastical idea of being able to know about the last eight minutes of your life and then relive them – but, what if this were possible? How would Michelle and Jake use that time?

“If I had eight minutes to live, I would want to be with my family,” Michelle told Access Hollywood at the movie’s junket. “I’d want to be looking into my daughter’s and husband’s eyes and hopefully sharing a little laugh and a giggle and just to be with them.”

There’s one place, in particular, that the actress knows she wouldn’t want to be with just minutes left to live.

“Hopefully, I would not know if I had just eight minutes to live, because if I found that information out and I was stuck in traffic or something, that would be like the worst news ever,” she said. “That would really suck!”

As for Jake, the concept of “Source Code” conjures up some of the world’s recent tragedies and disasters.

“In the wake of Japan, and in our current situation in many places all over the world and catastrophes that have happened, it makes me think if we have an actual computer game or computer program that allowed you to go into somebody else’s body before something like that happened and warn people or stop people,” Jake told Access. “What anybody would pay to make that happen is priceless.”

Adding, “I just really think about the thousands of people that could be saved by something like this.”

“The Source Code” hits theaters on April 1.

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