Jamie & Colin: The ‘Vice’ Squad

(July 17, 2006) — ?Miami Vice? co-stars Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell teamed up to raise a lot of money for Hurricane Katrina survivors in September 2005.

But sometimes, the bad P.R. ?Vice? was getting overshadowed the good.

Now, Access Hollywood?s Shaun Robinson is the only one to get Colin, Jamie and director Michael Mann together to set the record straight.

?Was there as much tension on the set as what had been reported?? Shaun asked the ?Vice? trio.

?Not at all,? Colin said.

?I?m outta here,? Jamie jokingly said, pretending to leave the interview.

The men of ?Miami? were in the hot seat as Shaun hooked up with the ?Vice? squad, where three straight shooters straightened out reports of fights, real-life shootings on the set, hurricanes and rehab, all while filming the gritty big-screen adaptation of ?Miami Vice?

First up, the reported feuds between Mann, Foxx and Farrell.

?With three strong people like you all are, there?s always going to be reports of infighting or conflict,? Shaun said. ?Do you think that was kind of over blown??

?I think when you?ve got a project like ?Miami Vice,? that?s good to talk about. Because you?ve got the bad boy, you?ve got the other bad boy and you?ve got Michael Mann, so it?s intense,? Jamie explained.

?When you?re in a working environment and you have people who give a [expletive] about what they?re doing, when they really care about what they?re doing, they are going to clash,? Colin added. ?But it?s a good thing. It?s not people sitting in their trailers saying ?I?m not coming out of my trailer.??

And there?s no denying the tremendous hurdles the group faced getting this project completed ? from a real-life shooting between a local and an on-set security guard while in the Dominican Republic, to filming around intense hurricanes on the shores of Miami.

?Unlike earthquakes, hurricanes come with warnings,? Mann noted. ?The weather bureau flies in every three hours and tells you ?At 2:30 in two days from now, it?s going to hit.??

?When you look back at it, in perspective, and you see what happened in New Orleans, it?s like okay, our Evian bottles got knocked over by the wind. It really wasn?t that tough,? Jamie said.

Shaun also asked notorious Irish bad boy Colin about a reported injury on the set.

?What happened?? she asked.

?My liver exploded,? he said, drawing a laugh from his co-star and director.

Making light of his hard drinking history, Colin did have his own demons to battle, including a dependency to prescription drugs he developed after a back injury.

And it was Foxx who welcomed his fellow actor into his own home before he checked into rehab.

?You said that Jamie really was there for you when you needed him,? Shaun said to Colin.

?Big time,? Farrell admitted.

?Well before it gets too deep, because it sounds like it?s getting deep?? Jamie said.

?I?m about to start crying,? Colin laughed.

??What it was is this. The main thing was to get to the finish line and do a great film,? Jamie finished.

So with Farrell now healthy and happy, Shaun couldn?t resist asking about his rumored romance with his upcoming ?Pride and Glory? co-star Lake Bell.

?Clear up a few things for us,? Shaun smiled.

?What do you want to know?? Colin replied.

?Are you still dating Lake Bell?? she asked.

?Nah. I never was. Myself and Lake Bell are dear friends,? Colin explained.

?No romance?? Shaun followed up.

?She?s a dear friend,? he said.

And what about Jamie?s love life?

?Nobody!? Jamie insisted. ?I?m single deluxe.?

Catch Colin and Jamie in ?Miami Vice? in theaters July 28.

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