Jamie Lee Curtis Reveals Her ‘Compassion’ For Former ‘Freaky Friday’ Co-Star Lindsay Lohan

Jamie Lee Curtis starred alongside a young Lindsay Lohan in 2003’s hit comedy “Freaky Friday,” and the showbiz veteran revealed to Access Hollywood that working with the now-troubled starlet was a complete pleasure.

“Lindsay was 15-years-old, she still had a guardian, [who] had to be on set with at all times,” Jamie told Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson in an interview on Tuesday of working with the “Machete” star. “She was just terrific. She was a terrific young talent.”

Jamie revealed that the two, who played mother and daughter in the body-switch comedy, bonded over the music of former *NSYNC’er Justin Timberlake.

“Lindsay and I [were] sitting in the car on a green screen day trying to listen to the rap from Justin Timberlake’s ‘Like I Love You,’” she recalled. “There’s a rap in the middle of it, and she and I were listening to the song and writing the words to the rap down. She and I were completely hooked into the music together.”

The “You Again” star said she believes part of Lindsay’s issues have been due to poor choices, but that her mistakes have been exacerbated by the ever-present paparazzi on hand to catch her every mistake.

‘I think that it is a little bit of the nature of the media, and I think she’s probably made some wrong moves,” Jamie told Access. “I only have compassion for her and I certainly know that I wouldn’t be able to handle the media blitz that she is involved with – that any of these young people are involved with.”

The former “Halloween” star said she believes Hollywood’s younger generation is more prone to negative publicity due to the advancements in technology – something Jamie did not have to deal when she first hit the spotlight.

“If TMZ, had existed when I was 19, I daresay there are many, many, many people who we think of as stalwart, good choice-making adults, who, if a camera had been on them when they were 17, 18, 19, going to clubs in Hollywood and then taking their picture coming out at three in the morning…” she grimaced.

Though Jamie “does not judge,” she admits she finds it challenging to understand parents who exploit their children’s problems by speaking to the media on matters she believes should remain private.

“I would say, ‘It’s none of your business,’ then get off camera,” the mother of two said, when asked how she would respond to media questions regarding her children. “If I were a parent of someone having that [intense paparazzi following], I would want to retreat from that and get them out of it as much as possible.”

The 51-year-old star has not seen Lindsay recently, but she has faith that the young actress will learn from her highly publicized missteps.

“You have to understand she’s gonna learn some lessons, as we all have making mistakes,” she said. “Any time that you have the kind of consequences dealt you the way [Lindsay] has, one would hope that you learn from them.”

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