Jamie Lee Curtis & Sigourney Weaver Talk Betty White, High School Years

Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver may be world-renowned actresses, but they admitted high school was an awkward period for both of them. The two big screen stars sat down with Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson to chat about their high school experiences and working with Betty White in the upcoming comedy “You Again.”

“[Betty] is so kind, so gracious, so twinkly, so professional,” Jamie Lee told Shaun at a junket for the film on Saturday. “She’s just a perfect person. She’s a lovely human being.”

Jamie said the beloved actress, who recently won an Emmy award for her “Saturday Night Live” hosting gig, is a bit of a dirty dancer.

“We were all dancing, and we all think we’ve got it going on,” Jamie Lee said. “Betty shows up, and all of a sudden Andy [Fickman], the director, starts saying to Betty, ‘Do a bump and grind or a pole dance,’ and all of a sudden Betty White’s doing a pole dance.”

“Yeah,” added Sigourney. “She didn’t need to rehearse!”

The film, which centers around a woman whose brother is about to marry a girl who bullied her in high school, had both actresses reminiscing about their teenage years.

“Not particularly smart, not particularly pretty, not particularly talented, but perfectly willing to sort of be in the flow,” Jamie Lee said, when Shaun presented the “Freaky Friday” star with her yearbook photo. “It reminded me how fragile every human being is in high school.”

“I was really eccentric in high school – I was always kind of getting into trouble by being funny,” Sigourney laughed. “And I was this tall when I was 11, so I was very odd when I was in high school and I actually really hide a lot of my oddness to be who people think I am now.”

“You were in the number one movie ever,” Jamie said of Sigourney’s “Avatar” success. “You can just be who you are now, baby, because you own the world.”

Catch Jamie Lee, Sigourney and Betty when “You Again” hits theaters on September 24.

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