Jane Fonda On Her Secret To Looking Fabulous At 74

Jane Fonda will turn 75 later this month, but she’s still looking great and the actress shared with Access Hollywood the secret to her good looks.

“Beside just exercise, what can people do to look like you now?” an Access Hollywood producer asked the actress and fitness queen as she promoted her new DVD, “Jane Fonda AM/PM Yoga for Beginners.”

“Good genes and a lot of money,” the ex-wife of Ted Turner laughed. “I don’t know if I have a lot of money. I think I have the good genes part.”

Asked if there was more to it, Jane said she’s had a little help.

“Being able to have good skin care, facials when I need it [has been important]. I’ve had plastic surgery,” she said. “I don’t like hypocrisy… I made sure that they kept my lines. I didn’t want to lose my wrinkles, I just wanted to lose the bags under my eyes. I don’t like it when it’s over done, but we do live in a time when, if you can afford a good doctor, you can have subtle plastic surgery, which probably bought me five more years as an actor when I could be in movies.

“But if I’m really honest, I think the most important thing comes from the inside and in that sense, exercise and yoga, in particular, helps with that,” she added. “If you feel good about yourself, if you feel good in your skin, in addition to having friends and love around you, it comes through your eyes and your face and your smile and I think people — they don’t realize that’s what they’re picking up on. It’s an attitude that matters more than anything.

A few years ago, Jane returned to the fitness world (after several years out of the game) due to her passion for fitness and exercise.

She knows her videos in the 1980s (and records) helped change lives, and she admitted she actually has mementoes from her earlier years in the exercise business.

“I’ve saved some of the letters that I got over the years,” she told Access. “[The letters were full of] just amazing things that women testified to as a result of doing the workout. I mean it changed their lives. It changed their lives physically, they discovered that they could be in control of their body and that meant they could be in control of their life, and become empowered even in the workplace.”

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