Jane Fonda Talks Old School Workouts & Staying Away From ‘Retro’ Legwarmers

After several years of making movies and living life, Jane Fonda is back in spandex and ready to reclaim her celebrity fitness guru crown – with some help.

The sexy senior citizen (she’s 72), recently relaunched her Jane Fonda Workout brand with a host of nubile young fitness trainers, and a line of new DVDs, but the former “Barbarella” star reminded Access Hollywood she got her start with the help of a turntable.

“Actually the first one I did was vinyl, it was a vinyl record,” Jane said, referring to “Jane Fonda’s Workout Record,” released in 1982.

“And dig this, it was a vinyl record and guess what was on [it]? Michael Jackson gave me ‘Beat It’ and ‘Billy Jean,’” Jane noted of her workout’s soundtrack.

For her new workout DVDs, “Fit & Strong,” and “Walk Out,” which were just released, Jane once again donned a leotard, but she mixed things up in her wardrobe thanks to her fans.

“I’m a blogger and I asked my blog community. ‘What I should wear?’ and almost unanimously they said, ‘Don’t go retro with the legwarmers!’ ‘Wear yoga pants and a leotard!’ which is what I did,” Jane said.

Jane will turn 73 later this month and she revealed one of her beauty secrets requires not one ounce of sweat.

“My beauty secret, honestly, is self confidence,” she said. “There is nothing more beautiful than somebody who loves themselves so I’ve seen — especially working with so many celebrities and Hollywood people — you can be a size 2, but if you don’t love yourself, you look really ugly. And yet on the same side you can be a size 16 or a size 20, but you just are so bright and joyous and you just attract energy because you’re confident and so that confidence just shines.”

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