Janice On Tyra: ‘She Loves To Get Down On A Bunch Of Waffles!’

Janice Dickinson is backtracking after branding her former “America’s Next Top Model” boss, Tyra Banks, “fat” on Monday’s “Today” show, sort of.

“No!” Janice stated when Access Hollywood asked her if she really believes Tyra is “fat.”

“She’s large,” Janice continued. “She admits herself that she has a fat blank, blank, blank, referring to her derriere… she publicly admits it.”

Janice told Access she did not mean the comment in a harmful way, when she made the statement while promoting “The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency.”

“I’m not criticizing Tyra, I was not criticizing her. It’s the truth,” she said. “She publicly claims she loves to get down on a bunch of waffles.”

Janice suggested she doesn’t expect Tyra will take her remark personally because of a back and forth taunting the women have with each other.

“She admits that I’m — if there are three kind of witches, there’s a good witch, there’s a bad witch, then there’s Janice Dickinson. We have this banter,” Janice explained. “You know sticks and stones don’t break my bones and names will never hurt me.”

Janice said she made the statement about Tyra’s weight on the “Today” show to support Jennifer Love Hewitt, whom Al Roker brought up in relation to recent tabloid photos that pictured her in a bikini in Hawaii.

“I was trying to deflect on a girl who is clearly not a model,” Janice said. “Miss Banks and I are models. She’s a former model, now she’s a mogul. You know, I’m doing my own thing. We both work with models.”

Janice continued, suggesting the remark was made off the cuff.

“I made a flippant remark,” Janice said. “It’s the holiday season, I don’t think she’s taken it in a bad way, nor am I drudging up anything from the past.”

While Tyra isn’t at her once-svelte supermodel size, at 5’10” and 161 pounds, Tyra’s weight is normal for someone her height.

There’s been no comment yet from Tyra, who is out of the country shooting the tenth cycle of “America’s Next Top Model.”

Janice used to judge the show together with Tyra until, Janice claims, she was fired.

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