Jason Priestley Dishes On ‘Wild Cards’ & Working With Vanessa Morgan

Jason Priestley is taking a walk down memory lane and talking about his show.

The “Wild Cards” star spoke with Access Hollywood guest correspondent Emily Orozco about his new CW show “Wild Cards” and touched on what it was like working Vanessa Morgan and Giacomo Gianniotti.

“Me and my daughter watched those first few seasons of ‘Riverdale’ together it was super fun,” he told Access.

“Giacomo I wasn’t familiar with at all. He came onto ‘Greys Anatomy’ later on in the run of that show and I wasn’t watching at that point in time. But he is super talented, super nice, super professional,” he added. “So is Vanessa. The two of them, the chemistry that you see between them on screen is real, they really are an amazing team.”

He also shared about how he briefly lived with Brad Pitt when he was younger.

“I went out of town to go and shoot something and when I came back there was some dude sleeping in my bed and that dude was Brad Pitt,” he told Access. “So, the three of us lived in that apartment for a very brief time,” he added.

While chatting with Access, Jason also looked back at his time on “Beverly Hills, 90210” and his friendship with the late Luke Perry.

“Luke and I were neighbors, he only lived a couple blocks from me, so we used to spend a lot of time together and losing him, losing my friend was difficult. But, you know, I know that I’ll always have all those memories, all those times and all those adventures and all the things that we did together,” he said.

He also sent love to her former co-star Shannon Doherty, who has been battling breast cancer for many years. “She is a very strong-willed young lady,” he said.

“Wild Cards” premieres Jan. 16 on the CW.

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