Jennifer Aniston Glad To Avoid Talk Of ‘Rumors’ During ‘Inside The Actors Studio’ Taping

Jennifer Aniston has called her taping of “Inside The Actors Studio” earlier this week a joy.

“It’s so nice to have a conversation about what you do as opposed to clearing up B.S. rumors about the narratives that have sort of been created around you, but just to remind yourself of your body of work and how long we’ve been here,” Jennifer told Access Hollywood on Friday as she promoted her new film, “Horrible Bosses.”

Jennifer said that one of her favorite parts of the taping with James Lipton was speaking with the young people in the audience.

“You’re talking with students and it’s just wonderful,” the actress continued. “It was so refreshing and to have someone to reflecting back to you [about] your work and asking questions about where you came from and what sort of led you to be you who you are today as an actor. I loved it, I was very humbled.”

Jennifer said that some of her friends “said they actually learned stuff” because of the interview. She added she was impressed with the host’s research.

“He brought up stuff that I didn’t even remember,” she said. “He showed a scene from ‘Friends’… I was like, ‘I don’t even remember it.’”

One of the “Inside The Actors Studio” host’s usual questions is about an actor’s favorite curse words and Jennifer revealed to Access she is partial to a few.

“I’m not, to that extent, a sailor mouth, but like everybody, I love certain words,” she laughed. “Unfortunately.”

Due out July 8, Jennifer plays dentist Julia Harris, one of the “Horrible Bosses” in the film, a woman with her own potty mouth.

As Julia, Jennifer sexually harasses Charlie Day, who plays Dale Arbus, and for the role, she had to wear a host of skimpy outfits so tight she nearly popped out.

“I just tried to be very centered,” she said of keeping her chest covered. “I tried not to move around too much, but it was a challenge because the girls did want to come out and play.”

While the role sees a change for the actress, Jennifer isn’t worried that fans will be turned off by her turn as a bad girl.

“A career breaker? No, that’s already — I’m sure those have happened,” Jennifer laughed when Access asked if she was ever worried about what people would think about the actress in such a different type of part. “No, I don’t think so. If people are going to judge me for taking a risk and having fun with a part, they don’t understand what acting is.”

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