Jennifer Aniston Reveals Love For Self-Help Books

Jennifer Aniston has something in common with Bridget Jones — the character dreamed up by British writer Helen Fielding, and brought to life by Renee Zellweger on the big screen – she enjoys self-help books.

In a new interview with Parade magazine, the “Love Happens” actress said she indulges in advice materials when they come her way.

“I’m always going to be interested if somebody gives me a self-help book. I’ll at least give it the first couple of pages because sometimes they speak and sometimes they don’t. But they’re worth investigating,” Jennifer said.

But while she can appreciate some printed advice materials, she refuses to take flack for it.

“I say to people who look down their noses at motivational books, ‘Screw them.’ I’m telling you, people have got to mind their own business. It just shows, so obviously, their own fear or resentment,” Jennifer said. “They put down somebody else’s choice to sort of make themselves feel superior. They could probably use a little self-help themselves.”

Jennifer also uses advice from her own experiences to bring some of her big screen characters to life.

“I certainly try to access my personal life when I’m doing my job. But you know what they say, ‘Art imitates life, life imitates art,’” she said.

Whether it’s from self help books or just lessons learned throughout her 40 years, the actress revealed that in her own life, she tries rationalize issues instead of arguing.

“I’m not a fighter, I’m a discusser. I could probably use more fight in me. I don’t yell. I talk. I can get dirty. I’ve been guilty of dirty fighting,” she revealed. “But usually I don’t like to fight. I like it to be harmonious and fun. So the quicker we can discuss an issue and get through it, the sooner we get back to the fun.”

While these days the actress makes millions for being a big screen star, she admitted that as a young person she got down and dirty with janitorial work.

“I made my allowance as a kid cleaning toilets. I’m actually pretty good at it. I grew up with absolutely no money at all,” Jennifer said. “I struggled for a while, but I was happy with my life whether I was making this amount of money, or that amount of money. I always enjoyed where I was working.”

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