Jenny McCarthy: Josh Groban Left My Talk Show Because Of Go-Go Dancers

This doesn’t sound like the Josh Groban we here at Access Hollywood know and love, but according to Jenny McCarthy, the singer was scheduled as a guest on the first episode of her talk show, but bailed upon his team’s sight of sexy dancers on her set.

“He did show up, [but] I think the go-go dancers [his team] took a look at and thought they were a little too sexy for their taste,” Jenny told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Tuesday’s Access Hollywood Live.

Why does Jenny have go-go dancers on set? To “bring some sexy back” to late night, of course.

“I feel like — even though Jay Leno is sexy and all — I wanted to bring some sexy girls like you’d see in a nightclub,” she joked. “My show is very much like a nightclub – we have a bartender, a DJ, so I thought let’s have some go-go dancers, dressed the same as you see in Vegas. Kind of cabaret style.”

Adding, “Five minutes before my first show taping, [Josh’s] team removed him.”

“Did Josh come up and go, ‘Jenny, I’m sorry, I want to do it’?” Kit asked.

“No, no,” Jenny replied.

The show still went off without a hitch, thanks to Jenny’s sister, JoJo, stepping in for the “Brave” singer.

“I’ve been in this business so long that I can handle changes, so I threw that script away,” she explained, of how they handled the sudden switch. “We threw JoJo in and said, ‘Let’s go, girl!’”

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— Erin O’Sullivan

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