Jenny McCarthy Talks Hormones, Breast Enhancement & Playboy: ‘I Would Pose Again’

Jenny McCarthy has done it yet again. Just when it seems she couldn’t possibly go there, she goes there… and beyond!

The hilarious former Playmate stopped Access Hollywood Live on Thursday to chat with Billy Bush and Kit Hoover, and dished about the hormone cream mishap that took her natural “Scorpio” sexuality to an all-time high.

“Suzanne Somers had a book called ‘Breakthrough,’ and she talks about hormone replacement,” Jenny told Billy and Kit. “I thought it was a good idea because my PMS was a little [out of control]… I put too much [hormone cream] on and it took my Scorpio to like, level 10!

“Billy, where were you during that time?” Jenny asked, as Kit laughed. “Because you know what? Even you could’ve gotten it! I’m telling you — almost the lamps in my house!”

Jenny has always been open about her sexuality (posing nude for Playboy spreads multiple times), though the 37-year-old bombshell is on the fence as to whether or not she’d consider baring it all yet again for the men’s mag.

“I would [pose again], for like, $2 million towards Autism,” she told Billy and Kit. “Yeah, I might do something like that again.

“But I feel like, you know, the puppies have gone south and left and right,” she laughed, motioning to her chest. “I’d have to, like, scoop them!”

Speaking of her famous bosom, Jenny had some words of wisdom for Kit, who said she’s currently considering going under the knife for a breast enhancement herself.

“I woke up halfway through the surgery because they didn’t use anesthesia — I went to a place that was like, $9.99,” Jenny said, jokingly. “I woke up and I only had one boob done, and I was screaming, and they only gave me valium to finish off the other one.

“So you have to go to a good doctor, but also, they do trick you,” Jenny cautioned. “These doctors go in and give you a size bigger than what you asked for and then say, ‘Oh, everyone always wants them bigger once they’re done.’ Every person I know had to go back in to get them reduced — like myself — because I’m like, I don’t want them this big.”

The gorgeous star said she’s received flack for the smallest of flaws in her appearance – including a teeny mole above her eyebrow.

“I had a mole bump on my upper eye for a long time and I got letters [while hosting MTV’s] ‘Singled Out’ like, ‘You’re disgusting with that giant mole above your eyebrow!’” she told Billy and Kit. “I’m like, ‘What are you talking about? I was born with this thing!’

“People have such weird issues,” she continued. “Then I went to go get some surgery done and the doctor, at the same time he was doing my boobs, went, ‘By the way, I got rid of that crappy mole above your eye.’

“I’m like, ‘I didn’t have a problem with that!’” she exclaimed.

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