Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles On Shooting ‘Supernatural’s’ ‘Baby’ Episode

“Supernatural” is going behind the wheel for
“Baby” this Wednesday night on The CW. 

The show’s classic ’67 Impala provides the viewpoint for
every scene in the upcoming Season 11 episode, which Jensen Ackles described as
“different and unique.” 

“It was the first ever — in 200-something episodes —
that we shot like that,” Jared Padalecki added, when the two actors sat
down with reporters in a production office on the show’s Vancouver set last

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Filming the episode, which was written by Robbie Thompson and directed by Thomas J. Wright, took a little getting used to for the “SPN” stars. 

“We’ve done things that [were] similar to that, but certainly we’ve never shot an entire show like that so… it was a bit of a learning curve,” Jensen said. “And I think once Tom figured out how he wanted to do it, then it was just getting used to that — to that set up.” 

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Jensen explained that as they filmed the episode, once the lighting was set up, the cameras were attached to the car. 

“And they’d be like, ‘OK, see you later,'” Jensen recounted of the filming process. “And he [Jared] and I would just take off, and with no crew and no nothing, so there will probably be a lot of outtakes and a lot of b-roll of him and I just shooting the sh*t in the Impala. In fact, one of the shots that they used in the trailer was just us getting ready to start the scene, with the big blast of sunlight through the back of the [window].” 

As the episode follows the Winchesters on their latest case, expect to see a different look at their road-weary life. 

“We usually have the ‘come to God’ [moment] like in the Men of Letters library or something and it’s always fun,” Jared said. “But what a cool like glimpse into the Winchesters — how they travel. We’re not getting a motel every night. It’s going to be ‘Hey, don’t want to waste the money. Crash in the car and wake up and kind of head out.'” 

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“Supernatural” airs Wednesday at 9/8c after “Arrow” on The CW.

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