Jeremy Miller On Candace Cameron & Danica McKellar’s Love Triangle

“Dancing with the Stars” has the remnants of a ‘90s-era love triangle to keep things competitive and spicy in the ballroom with Candace Cameron Bure and Danica McKellar – and Access Hollywood has Jeremy Miller’s take (the other third of the teen triangle!) on what when down oh so many years ago!

Back in their teen years, the “Full House” star and the “Wonder Years” star had a man in common – “Growing Pains” star Jeremy (who just happened to co-star with Kirk Cameron, the older brother of Candace).

On Tuesday, Access spoke to Jeremy about his relationships with the two “DWTS” competitors.

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“I honestly don’t remember. It was so long ago. I was 12,” the actor, now 37 and married to Joanie Miller, laughed of the past perfect-for-Tiger-Beat love triangle. “It was my impression that Candace and I had been distant for a while before I started talking to Danica.”

On Monday night, Access’ Shaun Robinson got the ladies’ take on the teen love (probably more like, “I like you a lot”) triangle.

“It was a very innocent relationship at 13,” Danica, now 39, said. “I didn’t know that he left [Candace] for me! Last week was the first time I knew.”

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And finding out just recently was a bit awkward.

“It such a weird moment,” the former “Wonder Years” star explained. “It was 25 years ago and I feel bad.”

But Candace told Access, there’s no reason Danica should feel bad.

“I couldn’t be mad because I watched ‘The Wonder Years’ and that pilot episode, I was like, ‘I wanna be Winnie Cooper!’” Candace, 37, who is married to NHL hockey player Valeri Bure, told Access.

Adding, “She’s so beautiful, I can’t be mad.”

As for Jeremy’s breakup, Candace told Access he didn’t even do it in person.

“I got a phone call and I got broken up with on the phone,” she said with a laugh.

And the former teen star trio could be reunited at “DWTS”! Jeremy told Access that he’s looked into going to a taping of the competition.

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